Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pitbull "You know you want me" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I like this song, but then I like most of his songs.

Raekwon breaks down WuTang vs. Shaolin

I know you've been wanting to know this for a long time. Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan gives us the breakdown on Shaolin vs. WuTang. If you didn't know, now you know.

Diddy on Letterman on Thursday

MJ wanted to get wit' Beyonce?!

Michael Strahan makes acting debut in 'Brothers'

The new Fox series which premiers on September 18th stars Strahan as former NFL hot shot Mike Trainor and is about realizing that even though you can always go home, the trip back might be tougher than you think. The sitcom also stars acclaimed actress CCH Pounder who plays Trainor's mom, Carl Weathers will play his father and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell plays his brother. It was also officially announced this week that Snoop Dogg will play a guest part as a lawyer in a episode to air in October.

D.L. Hughley to compete with Steve Harvey as KISS morning man

On New York radio waves, Comedian D.L. Hughley is the new morning host at WRKS (98.7 FM), where he will go up against longtime colleague Steve Harvey at WBLS (107.5 FM).

Hughley starts Monday at Kiss, where his team will include Jacque Reid (who is probably still getting paid by BLS after how Steve treated her), the former BET anchor who was also a Harvey sidekick.

Most recently Hughley was a host and correspondent for CNN. He has no radio experience, but said in a statement that "I always wanted to do radio. The audience of New York may not always like what I say, but I promise to never play down to them and I promise to always work hard to keep them entertained."

Hughley and Harvey, along with Cedric the Entertainer and the late Bernie Mac, were the stars in Spike Lee's 2000 movie "The Original Kings of Comedy."

It's Good to Be the King....

The administrators of Michael Jackson's estate might want to check under the mattresses for cash. The executors were just handed $5.5 million that Jackson had asked one of his financial advisors to hold for him - plus a ton of personal items that could be auctioned for big bucks.

Although it was widely believed the King of Pop was cash-poor, apparently he had some serious moolah just laying around.

Dr. Tohme Tohme, a close advisor to the music icon, said he's the one who turned over the millions listed in court documents last week."I had the money and I gave it to them. It was a secret between Michael and me," he said. He said the money came from recording residuals and Jackson planned to use it for a "dream home" in Las Vegas." He said, "Don't tell anyone about this money," Tohme recalled. "But when he passed away I told them I had this money, and I gave it to them (and there's much more where that came from)."

He said he also turned over belongings from Jackson's Neverland estate that were in storage after a planned auction was cancelled.

Although Jackson was saddled with huge debts before his death of a suspected drug overdose on June 25, administrators believe the estate will eventually be solvent.

They're cutting deals to bring in "tens of millions of dollars of revenues," recent court filings said.

In Case Y'all Got a Wedding to go to Today...

Who knew they could do a Soul Train line in choich? I hope Kevin don't do Jill like CB did RiRi.

Friday, July 24, 2009

E. Lynn Harris Dead at 54

E. Lynn Harris, a pioneer of gay black fiction whose books sat on the nite-stands of wives and girlfriends but men rarely bothered reading them, and was a literary entrepreneur who rose from self-publishing to best-selling status, has died, his publicist said Friday. He was 54 years old.

Publicist Laura Gilmore said Mr. Harris died Thursday night after being stricken at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, and a cause of death hadn't been determined. She said Mr. Harris, who lived in Atlanta, fell ill on a train to Los Angeles a few days ago and blacked out for a few minutes, but seemed fine after that.

Ms. Gilmore said an autopsy would be performed Monday or Tuesday.

An improbable and inspirational success story, Mr. Harris worked for a decade as an IBM executive before taking up writing, selling the novel "Invisible Life" from his car as he visited salons and beauty parlors around Atlanta. He had unprecedented success for an openly gay black author and his strength as a romance writer led some to call him the "male Terry McMillan." He went on to mainstream success with works such as the novel "Love of My Own" and the memoir "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted."

His writing fell into several genres, including gay and lesbian fiction, African-American fiction and urban fiction. But he found success in showing readers a new side of African-American life: the secret world of professional, bisexual black men living as heterosexuals.

Since Congress isn't going to do anything about healthcare for the foreseeable future

Since Congress isn't going to do anything about healthcare for the foreseeale future, your Congresspersons have a lot of extra time now. Why don't you give them a call and let them know what you think about the Michael Jackson resolution and a host of other issues? Here is a re-post from earlier this month:

Nancy Pelosi is not backing Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee's resolution to recognize Michael Jackson as a humanitarian.
"I don't think it's necessary for us to have a resolution," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during her weekly press conference. "In his case, if the idea is to praise the life and work, as I assume that resolution does, then why not do that?" she said. "A resolution, I think, would open up to contrary views to -- that are not necessary at this time to be expressed in association with a resolution whose purpose is quite different."
Rep. Jackson-Lee called on her fellow lawmakers to recognize Michael Jackson as "global humanitarian and a noted leader in the fight against worldwide hunger and medical crises" and celebrate Jackson as "an accomplished contributor to the worlds of arts and entertainment, scientific advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and global food security." She unveiled a framed and sealed copy of the resolution at Michael's memorial on Tuesday and vowed to bring the resolution to be debated on the House floor.

Michael Jackson is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the entertainment star who has donated the most money to humanitarian or charitable causes. For an extensive list of Michael's humanitarian efforts click here.
If you would like to beg to differ with Speaker Pelosi, you can reach her in a number of ways:
snail mail: Office of the SpeakerH-232, US Capitol Washington, DC 20515
or District Office - 450 Golden Gate Ave. - 14th Floor - San Francisco, CA 94102
phone: (202) 225-0100, (202) 225-4965, or (415) 556-4862
If you would like to contact your own state representative, go to and type in your zip code in the upper left hand corner.

Forget Ashy Larry, now there's Ashy Bey

Rule #7: never be so thirsty for Pap attention you forget to finish your grooming. I know they had some Vaseline, cocoa butter, or Crisco oil in Paris. Wait! What am I talking about? Thirsty people often have dry skin. Umm hmm

The Jacksons are having cash flow problems

Katherine Jackson petitioned the courts to immediately award an allowance for her and Michael's three children. According to lawyers for Michael's estate, the allowance is necessary because Katherine currently "has no independent means of support" other than "modest" Social Security benefits and that the kids are relying solely on the trust Michael left for their care and support.

Now, Michael left her that money so she is certainly entitled to it,'t she still have 8 grown children and countless grown grandchildren? And what happened to the record company Joe just plugged? He's not giving her anything? And why don't her sons give her any money for the other children she is raising for them? Why is she raising other grandchildren anyway? What is really going on?

A judge will render a decision on the allowances on August 3rd. Lawyers for the estate have also petitioned the court for permission to re-print Michael's autobiography Moonwalker while demand for memorabilia is still high.

Katherine and the kids are not the only ones who need cash. According to Rolling Stone magazine, numerous sources told them LaToya Jackson came to Michael's estate in the hours after his death looking for bags of cash Michael was rumored to keep hidden around the house.

It must be really hot outside because Solange sure looks thirsty

I love natural hair. I have friends with similar hairstyles and it looks good on them. Actually, I've liked quite a few of Solange's hairstyles, especially the big hair ones on the bottom. The hair on that picture of her with yellow eyes and lips is fiyah! This new one, I'm not feeling simply because it looks like she cut it herself with a pair of $7.95 Conair clippers in a dim hotel bathroom. The edges are not defined and the curls are not picked out. If she wanted short, she should have gone to a professional.

Slim Thug gets on the Solange, Cassie, Rihanna haircut bandwagon

Slim Thug cut off his braids and Twittered about it. Do you think it's an improvement?

Vick Conditionally Reinstated

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has decided on a conditional reinstatement for the suspended quarterback that will allow Vick to attend training camp if he signs with a team, but will still suspend Vick for the first four games of the 2009 season, ESPN says through a source. Goodell is expected to announce the decision early next week, but is reserving judgement in the event of any further transgressions from Vick.

Earlier Thursday, ESPN reported that Vick and Goodell met Wednesday afternoon in Allendale, N.J., at a small security firm for three hours.

Amber Rose and Shade 45's Angela Yee discuss everything you never wanted to know about her sex life

Whatever Happened to D'Angelo?

Since 2000's Grammy winning Voodoo we’ve waited for D’Angelo’s follow-up act, and … nothing. Here is the most recent update: according to Lindsay Guion, D’Angelo’s manager, no album will be released this summer (tentatively called James River). No collaborators have been confirmed. Potential collaborators include Prince, John Mayer, Cee-Lo Green, and Raphael Saadiq. The artist is living in Richmond. He’s recording there and in New York City, and he will deliver the tracks to his record company by September. Guion says they have just signed a contract for a U.S. tour that will begin around the holidays. So, the bottom line seems to be that nobody’s going to hear anything from D’Angelo at least well into the fall (or until he moves out of his local Ballys).

Kelis tweeted about the baby--and Nas wasn't there

Kelis' PR team released this statement about the birth of her son:

“Kelis gave birth to Knight Jones last night on July 22nd around 9PM. Weighing a healthy 7.8lbs, the beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful. This was a natural birth and Kelis had been in labor since early Monday morning around 2AM. Knight was delivered in a NYC hospital with her mother and sister in the room. "

So it sounds like reports of Nas being barred from the birth room are true. The web is whispering Nas didn't show up until almost 15 hours after she went into labor AND that he was too intoxicated and rowdy to be allowed into the birthing suite. Kelis tweeted about the baby yesterday:

"Ok so I did it, he’s 7.8 pounds of the greatest stuff on earth…I was in labor for 3 of the longest most painful days of my life. I don’t understand when women say they don’t remember giving birth…I will remember for the rest of my life. He’s kinda perfect btw" --@Kelis

My only concern is, most modern doctors no longer allow a woman to labor that long for the safety of her baby and herself. I also never thought of Kelis as a no-epidural kind of chick. Maybe she recorded all her screams and cursing for a new album, no?

Shaunie was in a car accident

A speeding teenager smashed into Shaunie O'Neal's car on Tuesday. Shaunie, who was on her way to the Orlando airport, wasn't seriously injured, but tweeted she was sore but OK.

Wendy Williams announced she is leaving radio

Wendy Williams announced this week she is leaving radio for good to devote all her attention to her new television talk show. The announcement comes amonst rapidly sliding ratings and a shrinking number of stations willing to carry her no-holds-barred show.

Trooper Gets Suspension for Choking Paramedic

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper caught on video cussing and fighting with the driver of an ambulance carrying a patient has been suspended for five days. A patrol spokesman said Trooper Daniel Martin was put on unpaid suspension Wednesday and must undergo an anger assessment. A cell phone video of the May 24 scuffle that was widely distributed over the Internet shows Martin grabbing the paramedic, Maurice White Jr., in a choke hold around the neck. Trooper Martin's dashboard-mounted camera showed him stopping the ambulance, cussing and accusing White of failing to yield. He also threatened to arrest him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Timing is everything.....

Just hours after Kelis gave birth to her first child, a judge reportedly ordered her estranged husband, Nas, to pay her hefty sums in both spousal and child support.

According to The Associated Press, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Thursday (July 23) that Nas must pay Kelis nearly $44,000 a month in support. The ruling is temporary until a follow-up hearing September 8, when it will be decided if the amount should be altered. In addition to the monthly support, Nas must also pay $45,000 to cover Kelis' attorney fees and for a forensic accountant.

Shaquille's Michael Jackson Tribute

M.I.A. commissioned a clown suit for her baby

M.I.A. got tired of Rihanna hogging all the fashion spotlight lately with her every-other-daily haircuts so she commissioned a clown suit for her baby to match the hot garbage she wore to the Grammys this year. The kid is cute, but you can tell from his face he's just sitting there going "why me?"

Steve Perry sends all his kids to school

If you missed CNN's Black In America 2 with Soledad O'Brien last night, you should definitely check out this video. The 2 hour special was an excellent look at African Americans doing positive things for change. This video profiles Steve Perry, a school principal who founded a magnet prep school for Black and Hispanic students in Hartford, Connecticut. His school sends 100% of its students to 4-year colleges and has a near-perfect graduation rate. He and his staff practice a tough love approach where all students are expected to report on time, in uniform, and ready to learn. Failure is not accepted. Principal Perry is so dedicated to giving back to the low income area where he was raised, he actually drives a number of the students to school every day. It is nice to read some positive news for once!

When the President calls you out you know it's that ass!

Obama aired out the Cambridge Police Department last night at the end of his healthcare speech:

"I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 ... that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately."
The incident, Obama said, shows "how race remains a factor in this society."

I think it's safe to say there will be some openings at the police department soon.

Kelis dropped her newest project on Monday

Nas and his estranged wife Kelis had a little n*##er yesterday. At least, that's what their jackets would have you believe. (I still CANNOT believe they thought those outfits were a good idea.) Nas named him Knight. “My son's name is Knight. That's what I named the young God, Knight,” Nas told his fans in a concert just hours after the baby's birth.
Not to throw shade, but aren't the sons of kings generally referred to as princes? The son is a knight only if the King has been creeping! At least they didn't name him "One Night."

Toya throws some shade on Lauren

Rumor has it Lil Wayne's ex-wife Toya Carter has been dishing the dirt on Wayne's (rumored) soon-to-be babymama Lauren London. Toya says that baby might not be Wayne's and he's hanging back until the results of a paternity test.

In related news, there are whispers Tammy Torres from "Ms. Officer" may be carrying his baby as well. That last bit is totally unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

T.I. is pissed about "Tiny and Toya"

T.I. is reportedly unhappy with the way the BET reality show "Tiny and Toya" portrays his perennial fiancee, Tiny. Word has it he has demanded BET execs immediately scrap the show. He was initially supportive since he realized Tiny needed something to keep her busy while he is serving his year and a day in a federal penitentiary; once he actually saw a finished episode he was embarassed at having his family's lives on display and upset at the reactions it received on Black blogs.

The trailer for the new Big Pun documentary

Travis Henry Sentenced to 3 Years In Prison

Congrats to Kelis and Nas on the birth of their son, now on the other hand you have Travis Henry who gets a break from his 11 children by 10 babies mamas because he was sentenced last Wednesday in MONTANA to three years in prison on a federal drug charge. He accepted a plea deal in April, admitting to a single cocaine conspiracy charge.

Henry’s mother, Karnella Johnson, wrote a letter of support for her son, calling him “a great father” to his children, saying he provided for all his children the best that he could,” Johnson wrote. She continued, “When he started with the Broncos, the women then became greedy and wanted more money." “This is where everything started to fall apart for my son.” Henry was depressed and worried about how he was going to take care of his children and family, she wrote.
Henry was a star in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, also played for the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos. He had faced a possible 10 years to life in prison and a $4 million fine. The Feds waived the fine because they said Henry could not afford it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breaking News: Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray's office was raided

Officers served a search warrant on Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston offices this afternoon to look for evidence of manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death. Dr. Murray was the only person present when Michael went into cardiac arrest last month. Dr. Murray has already cooperated with two police interviews and has a third planned for sometime this week or next week. Dr. Murray's legal team had been told up until the time of the raid that he was not considered a person of interest in the case. Dr. Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, says he can no longer go to his medical practice and has to have around-the-clock bodyguards because of constant harrassment from the public.

Investigators also demanded files from Michael's former nurse, Cherilynn Lee. Lee claims Michael requested Diprivan (propofol) for trouble sleeping several months before his passing.
Critics have questioned the veracity of Lee's claims due to conflicting accounts she gave on Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360. There seems to be no shortage of people pouring forth to give all sorts of insider information about Michael now that he's gone.

Lastly, when did it become legal to air a patient's confidential medical information on multiple news shows? That question goes for Nurse Lee, Deepak Chopra, and a host of others who couldn't wait to spill the beans in the days following Michael's death. Many, many doctors were involved in this tragedy--as prescribers, enablers, butchers surgeons, exploiters--and they should be investigated and sanctioned along with Dr. Murray (if it is found he committed malpractice, or even manslaughter.) When the indictments are handed down, I hope the numerous HIPAA violations are investigated as well.

Lebron Getting Dunked On

Here it is. Xavier's Jordan Crawford's (NUMBER 3) two handed slam in Bron's grill at his camp which the Nike folks tried to confiscate. This is better than the TMZ feed-exclusive from Check out the 1:00 mark for the slow motion filthiness.

Mariah's "Memoirs" Pushed Back

Fans will have to wait to get their hands on Mariah Carey’s Memoirs.
The pop diva’s 12th studio album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, has been pushed back three weeks to September 15. It had previously been scheduled for an August 25 release. There are reports that the album was not completed in time to make the original release date.

As recently as Tuesday morning, the artist tweeted that she was still in the studio finishing the project (and getting approvals from all the 80's artists whose music she's going to jack). A video for the “Obsessed (Remix)” featuring Gucci Mane will premiere Thursday. Amazon has also changed the release date to 9/15.

The album will miss the August 31 cutoff for the 2010 Grammy Awards nominations and will now go head-to-head on the charts with Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 (Sept. 11).

Joe says he ain't no Ike, claims it's all bull

The short version is back by popular demand: "Fuck all y'all. Ain't nothin' wrong wit a little pimp hand. Michael may have left me out of the will but I'ma milk money outta his image anyway cuz I'm a hustla. Just as soon as I can get my hands on those kids they'll be in the studio and on the road. Katherine and the rest of them won't have a damn thing to say about it when the checks start rolling in."

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, spoke with Larry King Monday night. He denies reports he is planning on taking Michael's three children on the road as the Jackson 3.

"Not true. That's a bunch of jive. That's a bunch of -- I wish I could say what I should say. That's a bunch of bull."

Joe said he doesn't know the results of the private autopsy or where Michael's body is being kept and says it doesn't bother him in the least bit that Michael cut him out of his will. Joe also claims he never agreed to sign papers agreeing he would stay away from the children.

Joe denies beating Michael and tries to draw a distinction between spanking and beating. When asked about stories from various family members and others close to the family that he was abusive to his son as a child, Jackson said "Oh, that's a bunch of bull S. That's a bunch of bull S."

"You never physically harmed him?" King asked.

"Never. Never have. And I -- and I raised him just like you would raise your kids, you know? But harm Michael, for what? I have no reason. That's my son. I loved him and I still love him...
Michael was raised properly...He didn't run the streets like most of those other kids that was in his neighborhood...The media keep hollering about saying that I beat Michael. That's not true. You know what this beat started -- beat started in the slavery days. Where they used to beat the slaves and then they used to torture them. That's where this beating started. These slave masters, and that's where that come from. But, hey, there's a lot of people in America, Larry, a lot of people in America spank their kids, you know? They say they don't, they're lying. They're lying. Now, Michael was never beaten by me, I've never beaten at all."

Marion Barry: "What had happened was..."

Are Pharrell and Rihanna Dating?

36-year-old N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams was spotted leaving 21-year-old Rihanna's London hotel room last week. Sources told "It’s no secret that Rihanna and Pharrell have chemistry. And not just in the studio – they seem mesmerised by each other. But Chris will be gutted to learn he could have lost Rihanna to one of the sexiest men in music. Rihanna and Pharrell talk on the phone all the time and whenever she can get a break in her schedule she’ll go and support him at a gig.”


"Are We There Yet?" to TV

The Ice Cube-starring movie "Are We There Yet?" is making its way to the small screen as a comedy series for TBS. Under the model used for Tyler Perry's sitcoms "House of Payne" and "Meet the Browns," TBS has ordered 10 episodes of "Are We There Yet?" from distributor Debmar-Mercury, with an option for an additional 90 episodes.

The series, slated to premiere in June 2010, will star Terry Crews ("Everybody Hates Chris") in the central role of Nick, played in the movie by Ice Cube.

The 2005 movie "Are We There Yet?" centered on Nick, a smooth operator who, trying to land a date with divorcee Suzanne, offers to drive her two children to be reunited with their mom. Ice Cube will have a recurring role on the series.

Toni and Foxy don't pay their taxes

Rapper Foxy Brown and R&B singer Toni Braxton are reportedly in tax trouble. reports that both performers have had liens filed against them this year for failing to pay their taxes. Brown reportedly owes the Internal Revenue Service 641-thousand-588-dollars in federal taxes that were to be paid to the state of New York. In June, a tax lien was placed against the New York rapper for missing tax payments in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. says the state of California issued a lien against Braxton and her husband, Mint Condition keyboard player Keri Lewis, for 79-thousand-315-dollars in back taxes in March. The lien isn’t the first time that Braxton has been in financial trouble. The singer filed for bankruptcy protection in 1998 after she amassed more than one-million-dollars in debt.

Meet the New Miss England

The first black Miss England, 20 year old Rachel Christie, is a professional track and field athlete who trains six days a week and is highly ranked at the 400 metres and the heptathlon. The title means the 5ft 10in Miss Christie will have to juggle her training schedule again as she prepares to face another hurdle – a bid for the Miss World crown in South Africa later this year. She is the niece of British track legend Linford Christie.

Toya is still milking her relationship with Lil' Wayne

How many females does he need to impregnate for her to get the message?

Marc Anthony Part Owner of Miami Dolphins

Singer Marc Anthony is the latest music star to join forces with the Miami Dolphins. The team announced Tuesday that he will become a minority owner. Singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer Emilio Estefan, bought a small stake in the club last month. Dolphins majority owner Stephen Ross a New York real estate billionaire, completed his purchase of the Dolphins in January from Wayne Huizenga (used to own Blockbuster video) and quickly set out to rebrand the franchise. He has said he wants to fill up the stands with "a blend of entertainment and winning football."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the moonwalk

GHWB: Going Home While Black

America's preeminent Black scholar, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., was arrested last night. His crime was one count of GHWB: going home while Black. Gates, the director of Harvard University's W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research had just returned from a trip to China when he and his driver discovered his front door was wedged shut. Gates let himself in the back door, disarmed his alarm, then he and his driver pushed on the front door from the outside until it opened. The driver left and Gates called Harvard's property management company. The police arrived while he was on the phone and proceeded to question him.

According to Gates, he informed the officers that he lived at the address and produced both a driver's license and a Harvard photo ID, but officers continued to question him. Gates became upset at the repeated questioning after he had proven his residence and requested the officer's name and badge number. When the officer repeatedly refused, he followed him onto the porch where he was arrested and handcuffed in front of other officers.

The police report tells another story. According to officers, Gates was arested on a disorderly conduct charge after exhibiting "loud and tumultuous behavior." Police Sgt. James Crowley wrote in his police report Gates said, "Why, because I'm a black man in America?" and kept yelling the responding officers were racially biased.
Gates' attorney, Harvard scholar Charles Ogletree simply said, "I think the incident speaks for itself."

Text: Wild Safari
Source: CNN

UPDATE: The Middlesex County D.A. "has agreed to enter a nolle prosequi in this matter;" they will not pursue charges.

The Outlaw Lil' Wayne

In a recent interview with Ozone Magazine, Weezy--apparently unaware the tape recorder was still on--started to brag about his tear drop tats. He crowed, “I will murder you, your family your child your son, your newborn”. My nomination of him for Father of the Year has already been signed, sealed, and delivered. Now it's your turn.

Dorion's D*ck Speaks Out

Really, I'm more interested in the fact that Dorion's D*ck has a Twitter page than what it is actually saying here. I did rather enjoy his pics last month. (Note to Soulja Boy: Dorion knows how to Twitter the twigs and berries.) I might actually break down and join Twitter to see what other revelations his organs have up their (its?) sleeve. What's up with that avatar? Am I posting porn?

Aretha Performs at Mandela Day

Chris Brown Apologizes...Again

What do you think? It has been months since he made Rihanna eat the cake. Should he have brought up the incident again or just let it die down?

Chris Rock Takes 2nd Place on Forbes Richest Comedians List

Chris made $42 million last year primarily from film voice overs on Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and his "No Apologies" comedy tour. Seinfeld was number one and he didn't do a damn thing last year.

Madea to the Rescue...

When Tyler Perry heard about the 65 kids in Philly who were kicked out of the Valley Swim Club pool after paying to use it, TP decided to take matters into his own hands:

"So what I did was on Aug 1st thru 3rd I’m sending these kids to Disney World, and then to a Disney water park. I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them. This is all about the kids."

Cassie Twittered another cry for help

Cassie twittered yet another cry for help. The half-shaved head wasn't enough so she took the gyno shots. You all still lost interest, so no she has to remind herself she has no regrets. Of course we know she does. SMH

ABC Orders "Shaq Vs." Reality Show

ABC has ordered Shaq Vs. a one-hour unscripted series starring NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. Each episode of the series will pit the 7 foot 1 inch O'Neal against a star athlete from another sport. On board for the series is Michael Phelps, Ben Roethlisberger, Serena Williams (I bet Shaunie will show up for that one), Oscar De La Hoya and Albert Pujols. To even the playing field, the other athletes will have to deal with a handicap of Shaq's choosing.

Shaq Vs. will premiere August 18 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Don Cornelius Vants to Die Alone

There's more "death talk' of another black music trailblazer.
Don Cornelius, in an effort to condemn the concept of marriage, has gone totally morbid on us.

TMZ is reporting that the 'Soul Train' czar was so eager to get a divorce from his ex-wife Viktoria, that he actually put the following lines in divorce papers he submitted to L.A. County Superior Court:
"I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die." Looks like he's been obliged by the judge.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ne-Yo says he's all man--and big boys do cry

Ne-Yo took to his Global Grind blog to explain his meltdown in Manchester on Saturday night.

I'm currently on tour in the UK. This tour began right after a 4 month stint in
Prague shooting a world war 2 movie. We're in a different city in a different
part of the UK every night, moving non stop. Since my first album, roughly 5
years ago, I've taken 1 vacation, and even that was about 2 years ago.Basically,
I have an issue with not knowing when to say enough is enough, so last night in
Manchester, my body said it for me.I got on stage energized and ready to go,
even tho for the last 5 days I've been dealing with a sinus infection. I paid it
no real mind, and kept on going, like I always do. My voice couldn't take it.
From the first song I knew something was wrong. I shoulda stopped there, but I
come from a school where no matter what, the show must go on. It wasn't until
about 4 songs in that I came to the painful realization that my voice was done,
literally nothing left, and that I would have to stop the show.Now let me
explain something to you:When I say this music, that stage, my fans, THIS is my
life, I'm not saying it cause it sounds good in a sound bite. THIS IS MY LIFE!!
Not much else matters to me, honestly.My music, my family and the people that
appreciate my music.....the fans. THAT'S ABOUT IT!!I've never had to stop a
show, never dreamed I'd ever have to. So when I had to walk out on that stage
and tell 12,000 of the people responsible for making me who I am that I could
not perform for them, it literally broke my heart.I cried harder than I have in
a very long time with no shame whatsoever.To anyone out there that would like to
question my manhood because of this I'll say this to you:If the one thing you
cared about more than anything else in the world was threatened or even taken
from you, if you knew that the people you cared for the most you had to
disappoint and it was your fault... and this didn't spark some kind of emotional
outbreak within you...then with no shame I'll say you are truly a stronger man
than I.To the people of Manchester, know that I love you and I thank you for
being so understanding and supportive. And I promise you that you will receive
the show deserved.Thanks to the fans for the love and concern.And to the
bloggers....go to hell.Sincerely, Ne*Yo!!

Let me just say I LOVE his closing shot at bloggers. That's the way to get good press over this! For those who lack the patience to read his long winded post, here is the condensed version: "I was tired. I had a fight with my boo that day. I wanted my mommy. I sounded like shit on stage and I knew it so, I bawled like a baby. Fuck you! Buy my album!"

Beyonce in Chicago

Mrs. Jigga makes sure the Chi doesn't run out of Hamburger Helper before her concert on Friday. If you advertise it -don't you have to use it yourself?

Teyana slips you a peek

Webcam pics of your favorite celebutante Teyana Taylor hit the net this weekend. She claims her assistant accidentally left the camera on. I just think she's thirsty for some more publicity. Look for "Google Me Too: the remix" in a store near you real soon.

P.S. I actually had to Google her to make sure she is over 18 before I posted these pics!

CiCi's New Do...Real or Wig?!

shhh don't tell everyone this is a wig!

Terrence Howard invites you to share in his sexy

Respect the sexy. You know you want it!
(You can get it as long as you use baby wipes!)