Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breaking News: Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray's office was raided

Officers served a search warrant on Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston offices this afternoon to look for evidence of manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death. Dr. Murray was the only person present when Michael went into cardiac arrest last month. Dr. Murray has already cooperated with two police interviews and has a third planned for sometime this week or next week. Dr. Murray's legal team had been told up until the time of the raid that he was not considered a person of interest in the case. Dr. Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, says he can no longer go to his medical practice and has to have around-the-clock bodyguards because of constant harrassment from the public.

Investigators also demanded files from Michael's former nurse, Cherilynn Lee. Lee claims Michael requested Diprivan (propofol) for trouble sleeping several months before his passing.
Critics have questioned the veracity of Lee's claims due to conflicting accounts she gave on Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360. There seems to be no shortage of people pouring forth to give all sorts of insider information about Michael now that he's gone.

Lastly, when did it become legal to air a patient's confidential medical information on multiple news shows? That question goes for Nurse Lee, Deepak Chopra, and a host of others who couldn't wait to spill the beans in the days following Michael's death. Many, many doctors were involved in this tragedy--as prescribers, enablers, butchers surgeons, exploiters--and they should be investigated and sanctioned along with Dr. Murray (if it is found he committed malpractice, or even manslaughter.) When the indictments are handed down, I hope the numerous HIPAA violations are investigated as well.


  1. Conrad is going to jail baby! I just hope they send a lot of those white doctors to jail also. A lot of people were guilty.

  2. I think Murray is going to jail over this. They will make him a scapegoat because he is Black (and incompetent). A lot of other doctors should be sharing his jail cell.

  3. It is such a shame a lot of the people involved in this scandal are black. I never knew Michael had so many black people around him. You never saw them. My man stayed repping black people til the end.