Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet the New Miss England

The first black Miss England, 20 year old Rachel Christie, is a professional track and field athlete who trains six days a week and is highly ranked at the 400 metres and the heptathlon. The title means the 5ft 10in Miss Christie will have to juggle her training schedule again as she prepares to face another hurdle – a bid for the Miss World crown in South Africa later this year. She is the niece of British track legend Linford Christie.


  1. This is another positive story. Make us proud Ms. England!

  2. You all must be on a positive kick today. There is a lot of good news posted. I like it. She is cute. I don't get that trophy though.

  3. And she's an athlete. Good for her. Good for England. The UK is usually ahead of us in things like this. They have already had a female Prime Minister as have a lot of other countries. Come on USA! Wake up!