Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boycott Perez Hilton

Thursday when reports started leaking out that Michael had been transported to the hospital Prince of Whine, Perez Hilton, posted on his piece of crap blog that Michael was lying or making himself sick to get out of his London concert dates. Please tell me how one fakes cardiac arrest, death, and an autopsy? Anyone? Anyone? By all accounts, Michael was eagerly anticipating his concert and excited about making a comback for his fans. The man was literally working himself to the bone to put on a good show. We all know people would have paid thousands of dollars to watch him STAND there and sing, but he wanted them to get their money's worth.

When will the blogosphere and the media finally stand up to that porcine, hypocritical bully? How many people are we going to sit by and watch him attack mercilessly? We are supposed to feign outrage when someone honestly answers a question he asked her, but have closed ears when he utters bigoted slurs at another artist he admittedly tried to provoke? Now he is making utterly tasteless and libelous statements on his blog. PH took down the snapshot as soon as it became apparent he was an constipated assholeincorrect. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. I call on all of you to spread the word about this transgression and BOYCOTT PEREZ HILTON! He rarely posts anything about our artists anyway. The mainstream media has been giving him shine lately for the whole Miss California thing. I would hate to see legitimate news sources turning to him for his stupid opinions. Pass on the screenshot and post about this on other boards. BOYCOTT PEREZ HILTON! Let's work together to make him a persona non grata in the blogosphere.

Today is National HIV Testing Day

Know your status. Get tested!

The NAACP issued a statement about Michael Jackson's passing

“Michael Jackson’s dedication to humanitarian issues, including helping to raise untold millions of dollars to alleviate poverty and hunger, showed us that he understood how to use his fame to advocate for equality and freedom worldwide. Michael’s compassion and vision for a better world, which he so clearly expressed in his music, will be part of his ongoing legacy,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.

In the African American tradition of the great song and dance men Michael’s incomparable, talent and creativity influenced music, dance and culture for decades. His love of soul, rhythm and blues, and rock & roll, all performed with his innovative unique style captured the hearts and imagination of generations of fans.

“NAACP Image Award winning, international superstar, Michael Jackson was a musical artist rooted in the proud tradition of black American music. His career — from the working-class neighborhoods of Gary, Indiana, to the heights of the entertainment industry — is a classic example of the American Dream. Michael Jackson, and the talented Jackson family, represented pride and promise to generations of Americans and people around the globe,” concluded Jealous.

Jealous is a last name?

Michael Jackson at the top of his game Pt. 2

Michael Jackson - Bad
by jpdc11
Beat It

Billie Jean

Wanna Be Startin’ Something

Smooth Criminal


Michael Jackson the early years Pt. 2

Got to be there

I want you back

Jackson 5 Medley


Michael Jackson the songs that made him a Superstar

Don’t stop til you get enough

Rock with you

Off the wall

Shake your body down to the ground

Blame it on the boogie

Michael Jackson was a humanitarian and environmentalist

Man in the Mirror
This song really touched a lot of people in a personal way. If you really listen to the lyrics, they have a very deep message.

They Don’t Care About Us
Spike Lee directed this video. It was spectacular.

Black or White
This video had groundbreaking special effects.

We Are The World
I used to watch this video over and over. I couldn’t tell you who some of the “stars” are today, but I do recognize a lot of the big names.

Heal the World
Michael performed in front of the Clintons. I wish he had gotten the opportunity to perform for the Obamas and/or receive another presidential honor. He deserves it.

Earth Song

Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Thoughts About Michael's Death

michael jackson poster Pictures, Images and Photos
While my logical mind understands how this could happen given his age and health condition, my visceral reaction upon learning of his cardiac arrest was shock and disbelief. I honestly kept hoping it was just another one of tee em zee's fake news stories. Then when CNN and the rest kept saying they wouldn't believe Michael's death until a reputable news source confirmed it I still clung to hope this was some sick internet rumor. We are always hearing false rumors of so-and-so's death which they usually take to the blogs to debunk. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be true.

Whatever the results of the autopsy (and I do not believe the truth is always released in these celebrity autopsies), I will always believe Michael died because he worked himself to death. The stress of trying to earn the money to pay all those debts drove him to push himself too far. He wanted so much to give the fans a good show when he could have just phoned it in. Honestly, most of those fans would have been thrilled just to be in his presence even if he could not dance as vigorously as he did in his youth. Michael was delicate and his body just couldn't take it. He was 50 years old and rehearsing for 6-7 hours per day for 5 to 6 days a week. His body just could not withstand that punishment.

Michael--and I have always felt like I am on a first name basis with him--was the entertainer he was the greatest in my opinion. This man sold out 50 shows. I envied those ticket holders because I have wished for a long time I could have seen that Victory tour or the HIStory tour. Way before London's O2 I loved Thriller, owned it on vinyl, cassette, and later CD and Mp3. I knew every word, every step to the Thriller dance. I can remember people breaking out into mass Thriller dances at parties before people really did the Electric Slide, the Cha Cha Slide, or the Macarena. How many little kids owned a single sequined glove and white socks because of him? How many people, children and adults, secretly practiced their moonwalk to be more like Mike? Thriller still sells over 130,000 copies every year in the United States alone more than 27 years after its release. It is the biggest selling record of all time in the WORLD. It has gone more than 20 times platinum. Let that sink in for a moment.

I owned the Off the Wall and the Thriller posters, but the first one I had, my favorite was the one with the yellow sweater. If you really know Michael, you know the poster I'm talking about. Prince vs. Michael rivalries almost reached the level of the Bloods and Crips in some areas. Some people were serious about their Michael.

I remember being embarassed by all his crotch grabbing in BAD. I remember wondering why he seemed to hate his blackness so much when Black people loved him and I adored him. There was nothing wrong with his nose, his skin, his hair. Michael was idolized by Black girls, white girls, Hispanics, Japanese, Europeans, Africans...everyone loved Michael. People in other countries seemed to exhalt him even more than his fans in the U.S. That scene in Roll Bounce where Sweetness makes X's little sister faint by touching a kiss to her cheek? Michael could do that just by stepping out of a car or belting out a note. I have read countless accounts of teenaged girls fainting from excitement at his appearances.

I remember being horrified at the molestation trials. The mere thought that Michael could have possibly done any of those things he was accused of doing. Why would a grown man want to have play dates and sleep in the bed with children? Why wasn't I invited to the Neverland Ranch? (Come on, a lot of you wondered what the ranch was like.) Honestly, the reports of Jesus Juice shocked me as much as the reports of the sleepovers. I never really thought of Michael as the kind of man who would drink alcohol or kiss a woman. Even though millions of young girls--and, let's face it, young boys--had romantic crushes on Michael, he still remained virginal in the minds of most. I was equally appalled by his supposed "relationships" with Brooke Shields (he said they were just friends), LisaMarie Pressley, Debbie Rowe, and Diana Ross (is she or isn't she "Dirty Diana"?). How could Michael let us down with these strange and most probably fake unions?

I was unbelieving when I heard he had fathered children. I still don't believe he sired them in the age old way, but today I understand for the first time he fathered them nonetheless. In the midst of my own personal grief over his passing, a part of awakened to the realization he has left three fatherless children whom he no doubt loved and identified with very much; I'm certain their bond was an unusually strong one given his childlike demeanor and wide-eyed innocence.

Michael exasperated me with his spendthrift ways, constant legal troubles, and strange preoccupations. The Elephant Man, Webster, the hyperbaric chamber, the plastic surgery, the traditional Arab women's dress, and the unlikely alliances (Nation of Islam, UAE and Bahrain benefactors) tried my patience time and again, but I never gave up on him. And Michael never gave up on us, his fans.

He died trying to give back to the world. His legacy lives on in the performers he inspired. Many of today's big stars modeled themselves on his dancing and singing style. There would be no Chris Brown, Usher, or Justin Timberlake, to name a few, without Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5, great though they were, would be just a footnote in Old School music had it not been for Michael. Janet, who is phenomenally talented in her own right, would not have had such a successful career if her older brother had not paved the way. Michael inspired and touched so many souls the world over, I can't help but think the world is a bit heavier today with all the tears shed by his mourners. My own father, who is as stoic as Brutus ever was, choked up when reminiscing about Michael last night.

Michael, you are loved and you will be missed. For a moment my life paused yesterday, but now it is time to rise up and celebrate his life. I plan on watching his videos, looking at old pictures, and dusting off my old vinyl to sing along with my favorite performer of all time. Join me if you want to:

You are not alone
I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay
You are not alone
I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart

You are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay
For you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart

Rest in peace.

---Wild Safari

Michael at the Top of His Game Pt. 1

Michael Jackson the Early Years

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking News: Michael Is Generous Even In Death

Michael Jackson arranged through his will to return the rights of the Beatles catalogue back to Paul McCartney. Michael owned the entire catalogue and sold 50% of the rights to Sony. He and Paul had a very public falling out over this even though Michael gained the catalogue through fair means. McCartney and some Beatles fans decried Michael's licensing of some Beatles songs for commercials and other uses. Don't they know he needed that money? In recent years, Michael expressed regret and sadness he and Paul, with whom he performed the hit "Say, Say, Say" were no longer friends and did not speak with one another. Now in his death, Michael has righted a perceived wrong, whether or not he was really at fault.

You read the scoop here first!

Michael Jackson is a Legend

I can't even type right now. I really didn't think I would be this affected by this.


Today we have lost a true legend, Michael Jackson has died at age 50. The LA Times and MSNBC just reported at 6:18pm Eastern 3:18pm Pacific that Michael has passed away after suffering cardiac arrest.

Breaking News: Michael is in a coma

According to MSNBC, he LA Times is reporting Michael Jackson is in a coma at UCLA medical center. There has been no official word from his family or the hospital.

Michael Jackson is in Critical Condition

Michael Jackson is in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center after suffering a massive myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest. According to the Associated Press, paramedics were called because Jackson collapsed and was not breathing. Medics performed CPR and rushed him to the hospital. As I write this, members of the Jackson family are flying in from all over the country to be by his bedside. Pray for him. I'm serious.

Ashanti should ask the Wiz for some stage presence

The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood calling the show, “busily energetic yet full of dead ends." He described Ashanti as “a pretty place-holder, an empty vessel in a sparkly dress”.

Linda Winer of Newsday thought both Ashanti's singing and acting stunk. “Ashanti proves not be a natural theater actor, and, even more surprising, her silvery voice sounds thin and bland against the pros.”

The Associate Press’ Peter Santilli was a lone voice of praise for the singer. He called the musical a “lavish, well-balanced production...[Ashanti has]...wide-eyed charm and a can’t-miss voice, Ashanti makes the role her own while distinguishing herself among a skilled troupe of singers and dancers.”