Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ashanti should ask the Wiz for some stage presence

The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood calling the show, “busily energetic yet full of dead ends." He described Ashanti as “a pretty place-holder, an empty vessel in a sparkly dress”.

Linda Winer of Newsday thought both Ashanti's singing and acting stunk. “Ashanti proves not be a natural theater actor, and, even more surprising, her silvery voice sounds thin and bland against the pros.”

The Associate Press’ Peter Santilli was a lone voice of praise for the singer. He called the musical a “lavish, well-balanced production...[Ashanti has]...wide-eyed charm and a can’t-miss voice, Ashanti makes the role her own while distinguishing herself among a skilled troupe of singers and dancers.”


  1. Ashanti never was a strong singer. Without all that post production work her songs wouldn't be listenable.

  2. Ashanti always was a pretty face. She is supposedly really sweet in person. Not everyone can do musical theater.

  3. I have said this before I would never use ashanti's cd for anything more than a drink coaster. She should model she is a pretty girl.

  4. Ashanti is fine as hell. I think that's how she keeps getting those recording contracts. She mesmerizes the record execs with that ass and those thick thighs and they tune out her weak ass vocals.