Saturday, June 20, 2009

Michael Jackson claims he was never served in lawsuit

Michael Jackson wants a judge to throw out a default judgement against him in a $44 million lawsuit. Michael claims he was never properly served in his ex-publicist Raymone Bain's lawsuit against him for failure to pay for management and publicity services. The judge entered a default judgment against him when he failed to answer her complaint. Bain claims she sent a process server to Neverland Ranch and the server was told to "get the f*** out of here!"



  1. Michael is crazy as a ward in Bellevue. The people who continue to do business with him are just as crazy as he is.

  2. From the looks of this we wasn't properly served and she shouldn't have received the default judgement. You have to actually get the paperwork to the person for it to count.

  3. She should have wrapped the papers around a can of Jesus Juice.

  4. Michael Jackson is a lying asshole. He lies about everything, including whether he knew about this case. You know, it's not about being served, it's about whether Michael had actual knowledge of the case, and it's curious how he suddenly knew about the case after the default judgement. So, now he must prepare an "excuse" to vacate the judgement... So, here he comes, claiming ignorance about the case (I can imagine the judge rolling his eyeballs at this point) and then he claims to have some kind or "payment and release agreement" document - I mean, if he had this all along, why wait to test the judge?

    I think this "payment and release" document doesn't exist - I think WACKO is in big trouble here - and I think that the whole concert series in London is in the balance - and because of this, I frankly think JACKO won't give a single performance -

    Leaving everyone, including AEG, Robertson & Taylor, the fans, you name it - all out to twist in the wind - because little Michael is too frail to perform.

    I forsee a dismal future for his kids - e.g., nada in terms of any money for them - I predict Michael will spend his money until he dies leaving them with nothing.

    What an ego-maniac. What a louse. What a non-escuse for a human being. A complete non-entity.

    Go ahead, Michael, have more plastic surgery. Make more of a mess of yourself. Who's going to tell you "no!"

    I'm not counting my breath on any of these concerts taking place - in fact, I doubt if he will perform a single show. To cancel the tour would be totally in character - to live up to obligations would not - so why would anyone bet on you, Michael, living up to a single obligation you make to someone?