Friday, July 24, 2009

Trooper Gets Suspension for Choking Paramedic

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper caught on video cussing and fighting with the driver of an ambulance carrying a patient has been suspended for five days. A patrol spokesman said Trooper Daniel Martin was put on unpaid suspension Wednesday and must undergo an anger assessment. A cell phone video of the May 24 scuffle that was widely distributed over the Internet shows Martin grabbing the paramedic, Maurice White Jr., in a choke hold around the neck. Trooper Martin's dashboard-mounted camera showed him stopping the ambulance, cussing and accusing White of failing to yield. He also threatened to arrest him.


  1. You know this reminds me of the post about Obama speaking his mind on the officer that arrested Gates. Now everyone wants to speak out and say the officer is not racist yeah right! Video does not lie you can clearly see the officer choking the victim.