Saturday, August 1, 2009

File this under: Heffa You Wish!

You know, I had a bit of respect for Katie Couric even if she did commit career suicide by leaving the Today Show to have her own prime time news flop show. For those of you saying, 'but wait? Didn't she have that phenomenal interview with Sarah Palin that really caused the tide to turn against McCain's camp?' To that I say, New York from Flava of Love could have conducted that interview with the same results. Sarah Barracuda was set on self-destruct mode and there was no stopping her. She was a malfunctioning Manchurian Candidate. Anyhow, add Katie to the list of vultures swooping down to feed off Michael's memory and extend their own 15 minutes.


  1. just another white woman who swears the black man wants her

  2. I'm still trippin' on how everybody got they fuckin mouth open now that Mike is ghost.