Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out In Time For Christmas.....DJ HERO?!

The makers of Guitar Hero introduce an entirely fresh and innovative way to experience music. DJ Hero features an amazing variety of music across genres. Using an authentic turntable controller (that looks surprisingly like a Close and Play), you will spin and scratch more than 100 songs into unique mixes and become the life of the party. Get ready for a whole new phenomena in music.

Activision CFO Thomas Tippl stated that DJ Hero would be aimed at a broader audience than the Guitar Hero games primarily through the use of more contemporary music in its soundtrack. DJ Hero has been designed as a party game and to make the player "the life of the party", and has been developed with many gameplay modes to put the player "in control of the music". Check the demo out above.

My ones and twos don't look like that BS. I'll be taking that shit back to Best Buys Dec. 26th.

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