Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Beyonce Ready to Conquer Vegas?

[Joe Jackson on 80th birthday at Beyonce's Concert NJ's-Izod Center]

Beyonce is reportedly distributing her Dereon line at upscale boutiques in the Las Vegas Wynn and Encore Esplanade in the near future. The hotel is happy with the attention and publicity thanks to Mrs. Knowles’ “I Am” tour 4 day concert finale and DVD taping. A member of the Wynn hotel staff reveals that Wynn’s owner Steve Wynn is in talks to have Beyonce perform promos/ads for the resort, as well as club appearances throughout the year–all part of a multimillion dollar deal.

Like Mr. Wynn did with Celine Dion and Toni Braxton, he would also like Sasha Fierce to headline the intimate 1,500 seat encore theater with a huge production for 3 years. Nothing’s final yet, but it is interesting since the 4 day show coming up hasn’t sold out yet and the final show is invitation only.


  1. Notice Celine and Toni were stars on the decline and were desperate for cash and stability when they did Vegas. Take note Beyonce. Oh, and it doesn't matter where you sell Dereon if it still looks the same.

  2. This is just more bullshit propaganda put out by Bey and Matthew to make her look successful (when she's clearly not doing as well as they want her to)

  3. whats 80 year old rusty Joe doing there

  4. She just refuses to take a break. This idea is so stupid, she can do this when she gets much older and when she has actually made timeless music and not the bubble gum shit she's singing now.

    @4:44 I see through the smoke and mirrors too.

  5. This hoe just wants to do this because Michael was considering it. She has some kind of sick obsession with the Jackson family. Bey you'll never be as great as Tito!