Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snoop and Anita Baker to Duo in Studio

When it comes to making music, Snoop Dogg is known, not only for his affinity for different genres, but also his attraction to different eras. Take, for example, last year’s eccentric hit, “Sensual Seduction,” which was a nostalgic ode to the retro soul and funk sound coming out of the 70s and into the 80s. Snoop has also worked with old school R&B artists like Charlie Wilson who performed on "Signs" and The Dramatics, who appeared on "Doggy Dogg World".

Snoop will now add Anita Baker to the list of successful and respected pioneers which he has worked with. The eight-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist is planning to release her seventh studio album next spring, and told that Snoop will be featured on an adaptation of Curtis Mayfield’s “Give Me Your Love (Love Song)” from the Superfly soundtrack.

“We do it in a very contemporary way,” Baker explained, “a very grown-up way.”

In addition to praising Snoop for the growth in his music, Baker also expressed her pleasant surprise at Snoop Dogg’s relationship with his wife.“It’s lovely, who knew that Snoop is madly in love with his wife, you know?"


  1. GTFOH! Is she that desperate? Damn, I guess everyone has bills to pay.

  2. I think this is cool there is no reason why she shouldn't do a duet with Snoop. Anita Baker is my favorite r&b artist she has a beautiful classic voice.

  3. I really can't imagine that duet. They are both cool in their own way but IDK about this one.

  4. I like Anita. I think it's great someone with true talent is going to make a comeback. Between her and Whitney I'm really excited.