Wednesday, July 29, 2009

George Lopez Gets Late Night Show on TBS

When "Lopez Tonight" premieres in November, don't expect host George Lopez to sit behind a desk or to read from cue cards. He wants to mingle with his guests on plastic-wrapped furniture. (He was joking about the plastic. We think.)

His Monday-through-Thursday TBS late-night (11PM) show is going to be a party that won't always begin with his stand-up. Some nights a musical guest will open the show. Other nights, maybe a conversation with an actor will kick it off. What Lopez says he wants more than anything is a spontaneous party atmosphere that thrives on the energy of his guests and audience."There have been a lot of supermarkets but until Costco came around and started selling the big mayonnaise, it took it to another level," he said. "This show is gonna be bigger and badder."

Lopez said he is honored to be the first Latino to land a late-night hosting perch and is hoping that fans of his 2002-2007 ABC sitcom, "The George Lopez Show" (now in syndication), will only be one part of his new audience.


  1. I like him. What time will the show air?

  2. even tho he has a yt wife he still considers himself a minority. he is good people