Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other stars aren't feeling Solange's haircut either

Bow Wow says, “Man these chicks losin’ they mind, they all look like they goin’ through something. These chicks look… retarded wit this bald [stuff] man.”

Soulja Boy suggested Solange may have been trying to go for a look similar to Amber Rose — who’s known for her buzz cut as much as she is for dating Kanye West. He says, “Ladies, if you gonna shave ya head at least my barber Bobby world give you that tight hairline. Stop jockin’ Amber Rose. It’s not cute.”
And former Destiny’s Child member Latavia Roberts thinks Solange is just trying to stir up some heat. She says, “I don’t get the whole shaving your head thing. It’s not edgy, it’s attention-seeking. Believe me, I know.”

The problem is 2 of those 3 have their own problems with Twitter abuse and photo-assaulting their fans for shock value and desperate attention.


  1. @ Latavia's Comment agreed I have heard so many comments on how solange has always been desperate for attention.

  2. It is obvious she is soooo desperate for someone to pay attention to her. Her parents obviously do not love her enough. I hope she doesn't do the same thing to Juelz.

  3. That Soulja BOy picture is just so....SMH. Don't these boys have mamas to guide them?

  4. Why is everybody giving women who shave their heads such a hard time! At least they are not wonder-weaving clones like many other black women. I applaud them for being daring enough to do something different in fashion. and its about time! I hope this bald-headed trend continues to take off!