Friday, July 31, 2009

Rumor has it Reggie had a taco on the side

While everyone is debating over whether or not "overly friendly" text messages from Kanye West to Kim K. were the reason for her breakup with Reggie Bush, now comes word Reggie may have had a taco on the side. Even though Kim K's publicist has denied cheating lead to their breakup, rumors have been swirling that Reggie had a fling with a hottie in Miami.

Supposedly, Reggie sexted back and forth with Carmen Ortega, President of South Beach Exotic Rentals, and trysted with her in Miami, Vegas, and L.A. The sidedish supposedly has video of her in Reggie's house and is shopping her story around to the highest bidder. Sources say Kim knew about it and couldn't handle it that not only was Reggie NOT ready to commit, but that he would still want another woman after landing her.

Oh, and this was the least explicit photo I could find of Carmen. Yeah, she's that kinda girl.


  1. This girl is not better looking than Kim. I guess she jsut had more time and treated him better.

  2. i don't like fish tacos

  3. Good. Sick of Kim and her wannabe celeb tag-along ass sisters, with Reggie in tow lookin like a sucka. People think these trust fund "beauty queens" got it all, but most of these celebrity birds can't even keep a man. Oh well, onto the next celebrity black dick.