Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breaking News: Katherine Gets the Kids

In a deal announced late Thursday, lawyers for Mrs. Katherine Jackson revealed a deal has been reached in the custody battle for Michael Jackson's children. In the terms of the deal, Katherine would retain custody of Michael's three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket (whose custody was not necessarily an issue), while Debbie Rowe would get visitation with Prince and Paris. Debbie would retain her parental rights but would not receive any money, and she agreed not to seek custody of the two oldest children.

Katherine's attorney, Londell McMillan told The Early Show, "There is no situation better for these children than for them to be raised and reared in the
loving care of Mrs. Katherine Jackson."

I think Katherine should have pushed harder for Debbie Rowe's parental rights to be terminated. It is obvious to me she does not want to raise these children. In interviews she, herself, has said she never did intend to raise the kids because she had them as a "gift" to Michael. I also suspect some money has changed hands under the table just so Debbie wouldn't look like a golddigger which she is.


  1. good this is the way it should be. I agree Debbie was in it for the money and she got paid

  2. i'm glad the kids are staying with katherine, but i hate that debbie rowe had those kids when all she wanted was money. i guess mike knew what he was doing when he picked her to have children with because she obviously has no real desire to play a mother to them. which is what mj wanted.

  3. He could have picked a sista who would have stayed and taken care of ALL of them. If Mike had a real woman around him all this robbery and foolishness wouldn't have gone down.

  4. Debbie "Man Chin" Rowe stated that she didn't want the kids to call her mom and that the kids were Michael's. She is more interested in her animals on her farm than she is in the well being of the children. She has NEVER had anything to do with the kids, so why should she have any rights to them at all. She probably got another multi million dollar settlement and she has gone away for now.


  5. From what I understand, Dirty Debbie got a lot of money from MJ. Micheal gave her $8 million dollars lump sum and $900,000 annually over the course of 5 yrs so he could raise the kids by himself. Her crusty ass then resurfaced in 2001, during the child molestation accusations, and got $4 million and a $900,000 home from Michael in return for full custody. I will not believe that no money was involved in this recent custody matter. She got paid something, but they wanna keep it hush. The media hasn't really said anything horrific about her, but yet slam Michael every chance they get. I agree, Katherine should not have allowed this heffa to keep her parental rights. She can keep raising her ugly green head as she sees fit. She's a cold cash cow and not very maternal, beyond being a host to carry MJ's kids. She's more affectionate towards her barnyard animals and would marry one of her goats if it was legal. And she needs to quit it, with that story she's telling about how her and Michael had great sex. She has no shame whatsoever!