Thursday, August 6, 2009

Was J.R. Smith twittering gang messages?

Denver Nuggets guard, J.R. Smith, has deleted his Twitter page after The Denver Post questioned his use of known gang symbols in his tweets. Apparently fans noticed he would occasionally change the "c" in certain words to a "k" which is supposedly a Bloods gang practice. He posted this parting message before he took his page down Tuesday:

"ok people i love all of my fans im sorry but this will be my last tweet you know why but it is what it is love all an tke Care"

Notice he wanted to make sure you all caught that last C in care. Really, if they wanted to know what he's been up to all they would have to do is read his body.


  1. Even if he deleted it it is still out there somewhere. What a dumbass.

  2. so lemme guess- he's going to be another one of those stupid people that gets rich and successful, but loses it all because he's too busy trying to stay faithful to homies that are leeching off of him?
    didn't folks learn ANYTHING off of mike vick being dimed out by his folks? when you leave the hood, leave your hood ass buddies there!

  3. all you are fucking insane seriusly big whoop everyone is blowing this way out of porportion seriusly let the man spell how he wants he should be able to do more with people up his ass telling him how to spell? its just stupid.

  4. and leave your hood ass buddies there? your are not smart kid aparently u have no idea what it is to grow up in the hood ingorant people piss me of just like you JR smith in my opionon is one of the best nba players out there let him spell how he wants