Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trina Thompson Sues College

This story is starting to turn some heads. Bronx resident, Trina Thompson is suing her school, Monroe College for the $70,000 she paid in tuition. Thompson sites failure to find gainful employment as her reason, and blames the school's career service department for not holding up their end of the bargain to provide job leads and career advice. She received a information technology degree in April 2009.

Why are people so interested? Right now, half of America is crippled by student loan payments. Accepting the concept that what we put into our education is what we get out of it as one that's generally true. In all likelihood, Thompson won't win this case, but it seems her action is fulfilling a certain curiosity for the lot of us: With the amount of money each student pays, how responsible should an educational institute be held for their lack of success...?


  1. They shouldn't be responsible at all. It is her fault she can't find a job not theirs. Maybe she doesn't interview well.

  2. NO i disagree! There are a lot of schools that SUCK at providing career services for life after school and do a horrible job at assisting students to succeed once they graduate...I'm not saying the whole suing thing will work...but I do agree with her, sometimes you feel like...was the education I received worth the $100,000 I just dished out? I had professors, that would come to class, half ass teach, tell us to read everything from the book, pull questions from the book...for a test and give us a grade...UM...i'm paying $700 per credit and this class is 3 credits so that's $2100 that i'm dishing out for a class where all i'm doing is spending majority of my time reading from a book that cost me $150 where I could've just bought at any book store???? fah real fah real...college is not worth it...unless your becoming a lawyer, a teacher, or a doctor or something along those...but if your going to school to major in history...or anthropology...don't waste your time or money...learn self motivation and head to your library and teach urself

  3. i don't know about this lawsuit for some university settings, but for many of those small short attendance vocational schools, they deserve to be sued. thankfully, i didn't go to one, but they turn out thousands of medical assistants and whatnot, and those folks can't find jobs at all.
    but i also have to say in terms of the school- jobs just aren't out there. if a university turns out 1000 students a semester, sorry, but there just aren't that many leads. to some degree the university can only give leads that exist.

  4. I agree a lot of voc/tech schools are not worth the money. They give worthless tech degrees, especially online tech schools. As for college people need to do due dilligence first before they enroll. Some schools specialize in certain subjects and are very weak in others. It is up to the student to find out what they are. You wouldn't go to Cal Poytechnic to major in creative writing. She shouldn't get any money because then everyone will want to sue. So many people are out of work.