Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Birthday Sex" Singer Encourages School Attendance

Chicago Public Schools raised some eyebrows by asking R&B singer Jeremih Felton to use Twitter to encourage students to return to school.Every year at this time, Chicago public school officials pull out all the stops trying to get kids back in class for the fall term. This year, they put aside any prudish notions and called on the "Birthday Sex" man to get the job done. Felton, 21, is a Morgan Park High School alumnus. The singer, whose best known for his hit song "Birthday Sex," has 75,000 followers on Twitter. "He's agreed to help Twitter our students back to school," said Ron Huberman, Chicago Public Schools CEO.

Felton wants every CPS student to read his tweets on Monday, September 7th, the day before classes begin. "Make sure y'all stay tuned on that day for the message I be puttin' out," said Felton. CPS officials hope his Labor Day messages are nothing like "Birthday Sex," which is racy and in some versions pornographic. The song has soared to Number 1 on the R&B charts.

"It's just a song. I'm a writer and I write a lot on experiences I've heard other people go through," said Felton. Huberman said he's heard the song "Birthday Sex" and so has Mayor Daley and he has proclaimed, "That is my JAM!" While the song and video might not be appropriate for a CPS classroom, the CEO and the mayor would not second guess the choice of a pitchman for the back to school effort. "We think he's a great role model," said Huberman. "It's freedom of speech. Why not? You can be a wonderful engineer or whatever you want to do in life. Do something. Let him do it." ,said Mayor Daley.


  1. They raised eyebrows...and some legs over shoulders for birthday sex.

  2. At least he doesn't degrade women in his songs or videos. He was trying to make love to his woman not swipe a credit card down her ass crack. Maybe he'll reach some of those kids. You know they watch his videos.

  3. He is out there trying to do a good thing. You can't dog him forever just because of one song. The song was good too.