Monday, August 3, 2009

T.I. and Grand Hustle to Produce Video Game

Through a venture with Heatwave Interactive game studio and online publisher, it has been announced that rapper T.I. and Grand Hustle label members will be appearing in the game Platinum Life.

T.I.'s role in the online game is to act as a guide for players in the ashy to classy lifestyle as he will lead them in the journey from a struggling musician that only has a dream into a successful artist with millions as far as the mind can comprehend (yo' ass do go to jail for awhile at some point).

The game's background is set in the Hip-Hop world as the player begins as an unsigned act and must make the necessary steps to achieve their celebrity status. It can be thought of as The Sims for the rap game. Players will be asked to perform at local bars and clubs and essentially hustle their way to the top of the game.

It seems as though even with the King away in prison, he is still making sure that his name is still in the back of everyone's mind until he makes his return.

Along with the upcoming game, T.I. is also set to appear in the film "Takers" alongside Matt Dillon, Chris Brown and Idris Elba. The film is a crime thriller about a Los Angles detective that is on the verge of diffusing a plan made by thieves who are trying to carry out a $20 million heist. The release date is set for January 8.

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  1. How can he be making a film if he is in federal prison? Please tell me? And how is he able to make all this money in jail? Shouldn't it be going towards a fine or something?