Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For all you ladies of the pink and green...

This is part 2 of the movie. What do you think about it? The entire part 2 is available online.

The sorority may not like this movie, but at the moment, it has bigger problems. International AKA president, Barbara McKinzie, is being sued by the sorority for misuse of funds. The lawsuit claims she spent $90,000 of the sorority's money on lifesized wax figurines of herself and the sorority's founder, as well as charged designer clothing, lingerie, and jewelry on the sorority credit card. McKinzie then allegedly redeemed the points earned by the purchases to buy gym equipment and a big screen TV. In addition, McKinzie's cronies on the board of directors signed off on a $1 million life insurance policy and a $4000 a month stipend for four years after she leaves office all without the approval of the group's membership. The lawsuit demands return of the money and the resignation of McKinzie.


  1. LMAO........

    This was done by back yard production studios right?

  2. See, you don't have to push out a baby to get paid. (Lauren London, Kelis, Kim Porter)

  3. This movie and their website is bootleg.