Monday, August 3, 2009

A Black Man is Running for Public Office in Russia

Joaquim Crima, an immigrant from the African nation of Guinea Bissau, is running for District Chief of the Volgograd District. Crima, who immigrated at the end of the cold war and has studied at Volgograd University, earned his citizenship, and taken a Russian name, is the first Black man to run for public office in Russia. News reports paint a picture of widespread discrimination against African immigrants in the former Soviet nation. Crima hopes to change that one vote at a time. Obama's legacy is far-reaching indeed.


  1. this is unbelievable! why would African's want to move to Russia anyway? they could at least go to Europe or Atlanta or something.

  2. Wow! I hope he does well in the elections. Obama has inspired a lot of people to go out and make things happen.

  3. First Naomi now this guy. The Russians really hate us now!