Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who Dat Is?

Meet London based Nona Paris Lola Jackson. She claims to be Michael Jackson's ex-wife and demands that the late King of Pop's "properties, monies and assets" must be transferred to her immediately. Not only that, but she should get physical and legal custody of all three of Jackson's children because she is their biological mother, a claim she pursued in 2006 and 2007 in several failed attempts at getting custody and financial support.

Per the 93 handwritten pages filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Mrs. Jackson is also demanding that Jackson's body, which a source discloses is currently in cold storage at L.A.'s Forest Lawn cemetery, be returned to the coroner's office. She should also be flown to Los Angeles and put in charge of future negotiations with AEG Live regarding any upcoming tribute concerts or other business ventures.

Nona Jackson, who is representing herself in these proceedings, detailed all of this—including the claim that she and Jackson are still married although they legally separated in 2008, according to the filing. She wants Taj Jackson to temporarily (somebody actually took the time to read this BS) take care of the children until she arrives in LA and she wants the entire Jackson family out of "her" Encino home because she doesn't want them around the kids.

The court told her not to call them, that they'd call her, and scheduled a hearing on the matter for Aug. 19.


  1. Yeah, she is a true basketcase. If she does in fact have children, I hope CPS has them in their custody. This chick is clearly unstable.

  2. She needs to sit down somewhere. People that look for handouts especially when someone dies just makes me sick. I hope this lady and that crazy woman that she's still asking for royalties from the Thriller video all the years disappear. Just a bunch of leeches. Ugh!!!