Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chris Brown's Tribute to Michael a few years ago

I really hope Chris is part of the tribute tonight. Let's face it, no one can ever touch Michael, but he is the only one whose dancing even comes close. 3:21 is so funny!


  1. They better let him perform. I've already seen Neyo's fruity ass twice and fake ass Beyonce they better put my boy on the stage.

  2. The actual awards are boring and predictable as hell. Phony muthafuckas. All I want to see is Michael shit,

  3. Is it true Jay'z had Chris Browns
    performance at the BET 2009 awards BLOCKED?
    and if thats true Jay'z is a Hypocrite!

  4. Yeah! Jay'Z PUNCHED a black woman
    for taking his picture!!!

    He's a HYPOCRITE!!!