Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boycott Perez Hilton: second installment

"I just remembered something. Didn't gossip blogger Perez Hilton almost single
handedly get Isiah Washington fired from Grey's Anatomy for calling one of his
co-stars a fag? Then he wants to turn around and call Will.I.Am a fag and cry
when he gets socked in the mouth. Don't dish it out if you can't take it piggy!"

Jacked from Gossip Jacker.

Picture by
four four.


  1. He has made a living talking trash about other people. He is no celebrity. His hipocritical ass needs to fade back into obscurity.

  2. Fat pigish fuck! Someone needs to beat him up again.

  3. Perez Hilton has no shame and no scruples. He is the lowest of the low and we should all ignore him.

  4. this bitch sucks ass big time. he knows damn well will.i.am did not assault him. i don't even understand why mainstream media & so called celebrities even give this douche bag the time of day. perez hilton IS NOT a celebrity. he believes his own hype; always talking shit about people so why is he surprised that he got popped in the eye? serves his annoying ass right. perez, if you're going to talk trash, expect to get dealt with. hahahahaha!