Friday, July 3, 2009

King of Pop Once Asked New Edition For Help

New Edition's Bobby Brown , believe it or not, says his dance moves were once requested by the legendary King of Pop himself. According to Brown, Michael Jackson asked his group, New Edition, to help out with some dance moves back during their heyday.

"We went to his house," Brown said, speaking at the press room at the BET Awards after his group's tribute medley to the Jackson 5. "We were invited to teach him a couple of our moves. I'm not joking!" Brown, flanked by NE members Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill, said the group didn't get to stick around much after dancing with Jackson, although (Johnny Gill left MJ his number) they did get to see the video for "Thriller" before its official premiere, according to Tresvant. But what they really wanted from their encounter with Michael Jackson (to get adopted) didn't quite pan out.

The late icon invited the guys to stay the night at his house but, according to Brown, their manager turned the invite down."We were always upset about that, because we couldn't stay the night," Brown explained. "We were upset because we wanted to stay and get to know him better. I've spent a lot of time around some great artists, but he was definitely the greatest artist and person I've ever been around."


  1. i remember this story was in right on magazine.Ralph said Michael came down the stairs singing before he greeted them

  2. While I'm glad Bobby has something nice to say about Michael, why on earth would Mike need to borrow dance moves from anyone? If anything they stole them from him.