Monday, June 29, 2009

Breaking News: Michael's Mom has filed for custody and control of his estate

In breaking news, Mrs. Katherine Jackson has filed for custody of Michael's three children, Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I, Paris Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael II "Blanket" Jackson as well as control over her late son, Michael's estate. A judge granted Mrs. Jackson temporary guardianship of the children on today and scheduled a hearing for Aug. 3 on Jackson's petition to become permanent guardian of her Michael's children. The petition also seeks to name Jackson as administrator of the children's estates, but the judge did not grant that request. Michael's mother filed another court action today, seeking to take control of Michael's estate in order to protect his legacy. The petitions list the value of Michael's estate as unknown and the mother of the oldest two children, Debbie Rowe, as whereabouts unknown. Mrs. Katherine Jackson is 79.


  1. Katherine deserves those grandkids after all she's been through. Debbie row will treat them like an ATM.

  2. Keep em away from that horse-coochie Debbie. They need to stay with real family.

  3. ...ol Katherine will have the kids at TARGET mf's be asking her....
    "ARE YOU (the lil' white kids) NANNY?!!!!"
    "No I'm their grandma!"
    "Honey, call 911 and CHIPS, stat!"

  4. Under no circumstances should they let that deadbeat mother get her hands on them.