Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BET Awards Show Performances Take 2

Here is another posting of Janet's appearance on the BE.T Awards show Sunday night. I see Vi.acom pulled all the videos I posted yesterday.

repost of Jamie's "Beat It" and moonwalk

Beyonce's Heaven help us if this is as good as it gets from now on "Ave Maria"

Keri Hilson

Old New Edition

Ne-Yo The Man In My Life "Lady In My Life"

Drake and Young (Cash) Money

Keyshia Cole and Monica

Tyrese, Tevin Campbell, Johnny Gill, and Trey Songz O'Jays Tribute

Big ups to Yardie for risking the wrath of The Man for uploading these.


  1. thank you for re-posting this

  2. Same here I don't watch BET but I did want to see her response.


  3. Keri look a hot sweaty mess
    Drake look like a nerd hangin wit da cool kids
    Bey need ta sit her ass down somewhere
    Janet look good as usual
    Weezy need ta go hav a HIV test cuz he really tryin ta fuck every girl in the world

  4. that O jay tribute was the shit.watched it a hundred times.honoring our history.Love it

  5. Tyrese is so damn sexy. Too bad he likes to put his hands on women.