Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Janet eating away her sadness?

A supposed "insider" on the set of Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too?" says Janet Jackson is mourning Michael's death by eating away her pain. The insider claims Janet has food delivered daily to the movie set and is using excessive meals as a comfort for Michael's untimely passing as well as her breakup from long-time beau Jermaine Dupri. The insider even goes so far as to suggest Janet might have an eating disorder.

I hope this isn't true. Janet, like Oprah, has had well-publicized ups and downs with her weight, and yo-yo dieting is very hard on the body. Still, Janet knows how to take the weight off when she needs to with stunning results! I hope she can find someone trustworthy to turn for support in this difficult time. Lord knows Michael was surrounded by more than a few leeches disguised as loving friends and associates, so I can only imagine what Janet's life is like as well.


  1. Seems she gets sad a lot.

  2. I pray for her and that she has a better group of friends than her brother had.

    Still cannot believe he is gone. :(