Monday, November 9, 2009

According to Joe Jackson

Daddy Mack Joe has filed papers in L.A. asking to be broke off some of his son's estate even though he was left out of the will. He lists his monthly expenses as follows:
$2,500 for eating out
$2,000 for flying in airplanes
$3,000 for hotel rooms to take his Craigslist hizznos back to
$1,000 for groceries
$1,200 for rent (where,at a Public Storage?)
$50 for charity
No money to pay legal fees in the first place?


  1. Showing up to the VMAs with that heffa was so far out of line I don't even know where to begin.

  2. Don't act like you would turn down that tasty side dish he's with. Joe ain't going to live forever and we all know Katherine won't give him none.

  3. where do he stay in LA for $1,200 a mo? sublet with Randy?

  4. This is a real clod. Anyway, that new photo of Michael above is quite nice. Young man had a nice tush if I must say.

    Oh and chick with Joe is FAT. She is undamncomfortable in that short 2 sizes too small dress.

  5. Now I don't believe Old Joe for one minute that woman up there is a legitimate artist. Maybe a massage artist or some kind of trapeze artist. He is being completely ridiculous and sounding like Tupac no good daddy. Grown men do not live off other men period.

  6. Joe has the audacity to expect Michael to cater to Joe's hoes. Most if not all of the money would be spent on women he is foolish and senile enough to think actually want his old ass!