Thursday, November 12, 2009

The King of Pop's funeral cost $1,000,000

Michael Jackson's family wanted to give him a proper send off so they paid upwards of US$1 million for the private family funeral before his interment at Forest Lawn-Glendale Cemetery.

Costs included $855,730 for cemetery and funeral charges including the purchase of other plots within the same mausoleum where Jackson now rests; $35,000 for burial garments; $2,000 for usher uniforms; $1,975 for clothing for the family; $3,682 for framing of a photograph of Michael to display next to the casket; $959 for embroidery; $11,716 for invitations and programs; $16,000 for flowers; $30,000 for cars and security; and $15,000 for a funeral designer. There was also a charge of $21,455 for the "funeral repast" at a local Italian restaurant after the interment. The estate also paid $5,000 a month to store Michael's body in the months leading up to the funeral. Janet, Randy, and Katherine (and interestingly, NOT LaToya or Jermaine) were involved in the funeral arrangements and Janet paid a $49,000 to Forest Lawn-Glendale.

"Mrs. Jackson and her family wish to honor her son by a funeral that seeks to offer solace to his multitude of fans and by which the family also may be comforted," the Mrs. Jackson's attorneys said. [The costs were] "entirely commensurate with the decedent's worldwide status as an entertainer and the world's grief over his death."

Source: AP


  1. Still find it hard to believe he is gone. The memorial and funeral were beautiful and he deserved the best send off possible.

    Love and miss you terribly

    Michael Jackson 1958-FOREVER

  2. I miss Michael too. I'm going to see This Is It again on Saturday and I just bought the double CD. I'm going to buy myself every one of his CD's and DVD's again for Christmas. That's how much I love him. He deserves to be #1 for the rest of the year.

  3. I can't bring myself to see the movie, This is It yet. I just don't think I am strong enough. However, I will buy any and all CDs and DVDs of Michael's and I agree with you. He deserves to be #1......always.

    I would say it even if he was still here.

    Miss him

  4. I saw the movie and it was awesome. I'm going again over the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. People are dogging the family for spending so much but hell. It was his money. Why can't he be buried with it?

  5. The Jacksons didn't have any black suits to wear? Why did they need wardrobe and so much money for embroidery for God's sake?

  6. That's a boss assd casket! That's how I wanna go out.

  7. Good, it should have cost more.

    RIP King of POP
    Michael Jackson

  8. These people are outrageous and should all be phyco analized.