Saturday, September 12, 2009

La Toya opens up to Barbara Walters on 20/20

Michael Jackson's middle sister, La Toya Jackson appeared last night in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20. La Toya gave a long and rambling interview full of controversial and sometimes inflammatory statements.

La Toya asserted again she thinks Michael was murdered and claims Michael told her, “La Toya, they’re going to murder me. If I die, they killed me.” She did not clarify who "they" were. Despite Michael's own statements about his estrangement from his abusive father, La Toya insists Michael and Joseph Jackson had repaired their relationship and that Michael's three children had a very good relationship with him.

As far as the children, La Toya says Katherine Jackson has made arrangements for the care of the children in the event of her passing, but she would not discuss those plans. She said even though Michael placed his friend Diana Ross second in line for guardianship of the children they do not know her at all; supposedly Ross and Mrs. Jackson have spoken about the guardianship issue, but said only Katherine knows the details of what was said.

Of course, La Toya took the time to speak about herself. She claims her ex-husband, Jack Gordon, used to lock her in a closet for eight hours at a time, and, said Walters, “forced her to pose for Playboy and several pornographic videos.” Snippets of La Toya's latest single aired during the interview.

La Toya said that Michael "looked fabulous," and that his body was clothed in white with lines of pearls across his jacket and a “big gold belt like a prizefighter would wear...his hair was done beautifully. His makeup was done beautifully.” She said he looked like he had paused to say a prayer just before going on stage to perform. Instead of one white glove, he was wearing two black leather gloves. He was, however, buried with a white sequined glove, shades, and notes and beads from his beloved children.

In a fitting closing, La Toya said of her younger brother, “He wasn't God, but he was godlike. He was the closest to a god that I know.”

ABC's report on the interview ends with a line that says La Toya requested they inform the public she was NOT paid for the interview.


  1. thanks for posting this so I didn't have to watch it-LMAO

  2. Snippets of her new single played during the interview. Hmmmmm....I just don't trust this candidate for Bellevue or her rock face brother, Jeraisin. Just don't like them.

  3. Rock face? LMAO! OMG! He is kind of hard and shiny looking.