Monday, September 7, 2009

Erykah Badu on Parenting and Twitty Milk

Not only does Erykay Badu try to send her fans a message through her music, now she is handing out parenting advice, too. Badu has three children; Seven (11 years), who is her son with Andre 3000 of Outkast; Puma (5 years) her daughter with rapper The D.O.C and Mars(7 months),her daughter with rapper/producer Jay Electronica.

She cites “parents not participating in kids’ schooling,” as her biggest parental pet peeve. She thinks parents need to be deeply involved in the information being fed to their children. Food for thought isn't her only concern: Erykah adheres to a vegan lifestyle both for herself as well as for her three children. She is quick to point out that she did not “in any way force them to have the same lifestyle..I think they should know the benefits of having a healthy body.” Apparently smoking herb does not run counter to that healthy body philosophy.

The diet is sometimes a challenge, however. When asked about whether her children ever request hot dogs or just some damn chicken nuggets, Erykah replies, “they joke about it,” and admits, “I’m sure as children they feel left out sometimes.” To counter junk food cravings, she tries to have alternatives available.

Her friend ?uestlove of the Roots was the one that dared her to "twitter" while in labor with baby Mars. Her mother boasts, "she’s the first Twitter baby, and she’s breastfed on Twitty milk.”



  1. This heffa is crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if she fed her kids marijuana brownies for snack.

  2. word, and unpasturized goat milk