Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kanye explains the details of his businesss arrangement with Amber

Kanye considers his relationships to be a contractual business arrangement. He told the French magazine Liberation, “Real rock stars, he said one day, get married and have rock stars babies...Of course women are attracted by celebrity, money, the illusion of 'love me for who I am' is stupid/an idiocy, we are no longer in college, I am fcuking Kanye West."

Fucking Kanye West he is. The same divo who reportedly declared after Michael Jackson's passing:

"You know everyone loves and respects Michael but times change. It's so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I'm willing to take that on," he told Scrape TV. "There's nobody who can match me in sales and in respect so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael's crown and become the new King." He concluded, "First there was Elvis, then there was Michael, now in the 21st century it's Kanye's time to rule. I have nothing but respect for Michael but someone needs to pick up where he left off and there's nobody better than me to do that. I am the new King of Pop."

Kanye later denied making the statements after a huge internet backlash arose after his remarks circulated for a few weeks. However, the title has resurfaced as a caption on his cover shot for--you guessed it--Liberation magazine. Since Kanye is such a might rock star you know his people had final approval over his feature. Evidently Kanye really does believe he can step up to the throne. Just which throne he really belongs on is debatable...


  1. Short summary: she uses the strap on, he pays, then they go out and take pictures with the paparazi

  2. This is really pathetic. Why did he feel the need to confirm that Amber is bought and paid for?

  3. Amber Rose must have really low self-esteem to allow herself to be used and talked about like this.

  4. kayne is living in his own world..he really thinks he will have fans in the future after saying all the stupid comments he has in his career!! Dumb ass...talent isnt the only thing that makes you famous..its the personality you put out to the world ..and his sucks!!!