Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did Jaafar shock Blanket?

Conflicting media reports have Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son ordering a stun gun from the internet, having it delivered to the Hayvenhurst compound, and using it on Michael Jackson's youngest son, Blanket. Attorneys for the family say Jaafar used the weapon on a piece of paper and that Michael's sons never came anywhere near it; the attorneys say Prince was the only other one to see the weapon when police confiscated it. Social Services reportedly paid a visit to the home late Monday night to investigate. Unconfirmed reports say Prince, Paris, and Blanket might possibly be removed from the home and grandmother Katherine Jackson's care pending further investigation.
While I think it was incredibly foolish for Jermajesty to have ordered a dangerous weapon online and I wonder where he obtained the credit card information to do so, I am not certain removing Michael's children would be the best thing. Perhaps a better solution would be for Jermaine to take custody of and raise his own children with his current wife; I wonder why that has not occurred to them before...


  1. Exactly!! Tell Jergreazy come get his damn kids and raise them himself. Why is Katherine stuck with his too? Jeraisin and his family need to be on their own somewhere.

  2. What do you mean come get his kids? LOL Jermaine and his family live with Katherine. Maybe he can take them to the pool house.