Thursday, March 4, 2010

Questions about the stun gun incident

ermaine's son Jafaar ordered one or more stun guns on the internet and had them delivered to the Hayvenhurst compound. According to staff at Hayvenhurst, security intercepted them before the kids ever saw them. This contrasts with media reports yesterday saying first Jafaar (or Jermajesty) used the gun on Blanket. Later reports say one of Jermaine's sons tested out the gun on a piece of paper. (Wouldn't that cause a fire?) Now, Katherine's attorney is confirming Social Services has paid several visits to the home and that none of the children were harmed or ever were in danger from the weapon.

My questions are:

1. Why is Jafaar allowed on the internet when Prince, roughly the same age, is not?

2. Why is he allowed on the internet unsupervised?

3. How was he able to place an order? Whose credit card did he use?

4. If security intercepted the weapon 3 weeks ago, why is it just blowing up now?

5. What was he intending to do with the weapon? Does he have something against Michael's children? Is he continuing the jealousy to the next generation?

6. Why is Jafaar living at Hayvenhurst and not with his father and step mother? Perhaps Jermaine really is still living there and not in that mansion they showed on the reality show.

7. If only staff knew about the weapon, who leaked the story to social services and why?

8. Why would they tell unless someone was actually hurt?

9. Is Grace his nanny, too? Have any staff been fired over this? Someone probably should be.

10. Is Debbie going to try to use this as leverage for either custody or more money?

There are so many questions and so few answers here. Rest assured, the media will pick the bones dry on this story. On a side note, he is one handsome kid! Unfortunately, no one seems to know how to spell his name: Jafar, Jaffar, Jaafar, Jafaar, media outlets are even confusing him with Jermajesty (as I did in an earlier report.)

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