Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Michael Jackson has sold over 20 million albums

Barely one month after its release, Michael Jackson's posthumous album "This Is It" is currently the 6th best-selling album for 2009. He currently has 8 albums in the TOP 25 best selling albums of the year. Only with those 8 albums MJ sold 17,560,000 albums. The total is near 20,000,000 now making Michael Jackson best selling artist/group of 2009

Michael's Top Selling Albums In 2009:

003) Michael Jackson Thriller (25th Anniversary Reissue) *since july 2009 counted together at "Thriller" 3.342

007) Michael Jackson Number Ones (since 2009) 3.150.000

011) Michael Jackson The Essential (since 2009) 2.583.5

015) Michael Jackson King Of Pop 1.957.5

017) Michael Jackson Bad (since 2009) 1.769.00

018) Michael Jackson This Is It 1.745.00

024) Michael Jackson Dangerous (since 2009) 1.515.50

025) Michael Jackson Off The Wall (since 2009) 1.497.50


  1. I thought that 'This is It' would have done a little bit better. Nevertheless, when it comes to being an entertainer, he is definitely the best that ever was one. Nice picture of him by the way.

  2. *Sigh* Wish he was here. :(

  3. no one else can ever hope to match what Michael did and continues to do!