Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The FBI released its files on Michael Jackson

The FBI finally released its files on Michael Jackson yesterday. I read through the hundreds of pages of microfiche, standard departmental forms, and (poorly) handwritten notes immediately. The bureau redacted literally hundreds of pages and names from the files, and what was released contained no new information for those fans of Michael who followed all his cases. What the files do contain is the bureau's own conclusion that there were "collateral investigative issues NY Miami, Los Angeles divisions." In other words, investigators in local jurisdictions abused their power and overstepped their bounds in an attempt to convict Michael on charges of which he was INNOCENT.
Seven different files were included in the release. The first file details an investigation into death threats MJ received. Frank Paul Jones (his name has been redacted from the reports) first threatened to kill Pres. George H.W. Bush in 1992. He was arrested, then released. A day later, the threatened to kill Michael Jackson and commit mass murder at one of his concerts unless he got money from the singer. Reportedly, he was attempting to get the attention of Michael's sister, Janet, with whom he believed he was married.

Other reports detailed a request to perform forensic analysis of computers seized in a raid of Neverland ranch to look for child pornography and analysis of a VHS tape thought to contain child pornography (it did NOT). The analysis of the VHS tape shed absolutely no light on anything. It was merely a repetitive account of how they came to conclude it may be a 4th generation video tape. There was no real mention of what was on it. The title was salacious, but there is not even any evidence it was MJ's let alone that it contained child pornography.
The forensic computer analysis of 16--count 'em 16!--computers turned up zilch. Pedophiles notoriously love their images and video of children so....take that haters!

The most disturbing report was the one on the report of Terry George, not because of the nature of the allegations, but because anyone took him seriously at the time. Reprinting microfiche of those disgusting tabloid articles along with LaToya's horrible allegations opens up a whole new media barrage. The British paper printed those allegations of an unproven incident that publicity/money-seeker says happened 15 years before. That is not only irresponsible, it is criminal. It really proves what a huge heart and good spirit Michael had to forgive LaToya for all she did to hurt him.

Neverland raiders seized pornography from Michael's home--but it was of the garden variety Playboy and Hustler. Folks, Michael LOVED women. He was a heterosexual male who was very much in touch with his sexuality and oozed sensuality when on stage. There are countless websites devoted to his stage antics and the nature of his...human nature. That is a post for another day!


  1. skipped this incident-Jordie Chandler
    A Toronto woman told investigators probing allegations against Jackson in 1993 that she and her husband -- both social workers in children's services -- were aboard a train on March 7, 1992, during a visit to California and that the singer and his entourage had four compartments near them.

    She said a 12- or 13-year-old boy -- identified as Jacko's "cousin" to anyone who asked -- was with the singer at the time.

    "Jackson was very possessive of the boy at night," the woman told cops, adding that she and her hubby grew even more suspicious of the star's behavior when they "heard questionable noises through wall," according to one FBI file.

  2. Jordan Chandler's father accused Michael of molesting his son. Jordan never said Michael abused him. Forgot where it is written about his wife, June, even stating she believe her husband's actions were horrid. Evil Chandler approached Michael several times for money. Wanting Michael to buy him a bigger house or add on the the house he lived in and/or financially support his screen plays. Evil Chandler called himself an aspiring screenwriter. When Michael refused, he set out to ruin Michael. Seemed to have forgotten about the recordings of Evil Chandler stating Michael will never sell another record, etc. It is all on YouTube.

    Michael did not pay the family. The insurance company did due to Michael failing health. Just basically gave the creep what he was asking for so they could move on and Michael can begin to heal. However, he never really did recover from those allegations.

  3. The FBI investigated him for over 10 years and found NOTHING!!!! Even the train ride claims were unsubstantiated.
    This mans life was torn apart by greed pure and simple.

    R.I.P. Michael sorry you didn't get it while you were alive.

  4. Even Demon Diamond and her sources (aka voices in her mind) claim there were other boys and yet NO ONE step forward. No one! Hopefully in death, Michael can be finally vindicated. Wish he was here to see it.

    Be at peace Michael. Love you more!!