Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jemaine, don't take it personal...

But your ex-Alejandra Jackson filed a lawsuit against you because she claims you have stopped paying child support for your two kids, Jermajesty (can you imagine them sitting around for nine months and that's what they came up with?) and Jaffar. According to TMZ, Alejandra says that Jermaine claims that he only made $35,000 in 2008, yet owes $35,000 in child support although he still lives in a mansion and drives a Rolls,so he needs to get serious.

This situation does not tickle anyone's fancy.

Alexandra also claims that Jermaine's mother Katherine helps her out by giving her gift cards to Ralph's grocery store so that she can buy food for the boys.

Before you go too hard on Jermaine, she also has three kids with Randy who at one time WORKED at Ralph's. So, you still like me don't you?


  1. Living in the mansion (I believe) that Michael purchased for his mother. Hayvenhurst. Driving a Rolls? Who in the hell is this greasy bastard trying to impress. Pay yo bills using money you actually earned, Jeraisin. How's that for an idea? Deadbeat!!

  2. Well he is hoping for a big payday off that Michael Memorial in Berlin, London, Bahrain, Tasmania, Transylvania or wherever its going to be now.

  3. he gonna end up having the benefit in his backyard the annual 'Jackson Family Picnic'

  4. He'll just continue the MJ memorials, etc and milk it for all he can. Riding coattails ought to be the name of his new CD. First track should should be called, "Word from the Raisin". This rock face wax figure has no shame at all.

    RIP Michael!! Man, do we miss you!!!!

  5. He still needs his ass kicked for naming them kids like that. I wonder if that lady's other three with Randy have fucked up names. Katherine ought to be ashamed of herself doling out gift cards like that. LOL

    I guess she said, shit! I already support all my damn kids and grand kids. Imo be damned if I pay they child support to.

  6. Thru Michael, the entire family was taken care of and it is still that way. Only one probably not depending on funds from Michael is Janet. I hope Katherine sticks around for a while for the sake of Michael's children. There is no telling what will happen to thos children's money if she doesn't. I just do not trust Jer"mane".