Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Michael Jackson Tribute

Dancing With The Stars did a tribute to Michael Jackson last night on their results show. I have to admit, as corny as that show is (but I love it and watch every week) the tribute wasn't half bad. BET should have given them a call, for real. The family was there to lend their support including, Mrs. Katherine, LaToya, Jermaine, and the child support enforcement officers; Jermaine knows damn well Randy has to pay that woman, too. He could have shared the spotlight for one night. LaToya and Jermaine did quite a bit of talking before the actual dances; would you expect anything less? I will try to find the video of their speeches. In the meanwhile, someone PLEASE try to analyze the chemical makeup of whatever Jermaine is trying to pass off as hair these days. Mm'kay?


  1. I think Jermange's hair is claymation.

  2. Naw, that shit is like liquid polymer or something space age like that. NASA should investigate.