Wednesday, September 2, 2009

German magazine admits it faked MJ Coroner Van video

A spokesperson for German television station RTL produced the hoax video for its daily magazine "Explosive" to tell people not to believe everything they see or read on the internet or media. "This was so obviously fake, in the case of Michael Jackson, it just was not possible," Schultz said.

RTL claims some viewers have been happy the station showed how easy it was to fake information online. Many others have commented online that this was completely tasteless to do in the wake of such an important person's death; this was the wrong topic to do this kind of experiment on. The video sparked incredible worldwide interest; more than 880,000 people have viewed the original video on YouTube. I called out this video as a hoax last week; I have posted a link to the annotated video showing why the video is a hoax. Click on the bubble in the upper right hand corner to translate it. I told y'all we're worldwide!

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  1. Iagree. this video was cruel to the family and the fans.