Monday, August 31, 2009

Before there was Melyssa Ford or Karinne Steffans, there was Ola Raye

Before there was a Melyssa Ford or a Karinne Steffans (Ms. Superhead her self), there was Ola Ray. Ola Ray (no relation to LisaRay--I think), the original video girl is STILL harping that she didn't get paid for Thriller. Ola did what is perhaps the most famous 14 minute walk in the world, but she couldn't seem to walk over to the court house for 27 years. Her attorney filed documents in Los Angeles court claiming she is a creditor to Michael Jackson's estate. Ray claims she hasn't been paid royalties for the video and is seeking an unspecified amount of money from his estate (now valued at $1.3 Billion by some estimates).

Ola is currently a stay-at-home mom but in 1982 she was a "model/actress" who posed for Playboy in 1980. For those of you who have a collection, she was Playmate of the Month for June 1980. Michael picked her from thousands upon thousands of candidates reportedly because she had "the look." People the world over responded to Ola's processed curl, cropped denim outfit, and bright red lipstick that matched her red pumps. Ola was indeed the "it girl" for about two years in the early 80's. Her career eventually fizzled with her last acting credit listed as Beverly Hills Cop II in 1987 (she is not even on the third tier list of actors).

This is hardly the first time Ola has started squawking about Thriller; in 1997 she apologized to Michael for complaints about payments only to start up again 12 years later and two months before his death. After Michael's passing in June, Ola made the media rounds, just like a host of his other "friends," saying "I am freaking out, I can't believe that he is gone," she said. "He was my hero as well as my mentor. And I really respected him".

Reportedly, Ray still has one of Michael's Grammy Awards in her possession; she accepted it on his behalf and never gave it back. I also seem to recall reading Michael bankrolled Thriller and paid everyone up front so he would own all the rights and profits to the video. If this is true the Ola Ray and director John Landis (another so-called "friend" who is also suing for royalties from the estate) may be S.O.L.


  1. This woman is so annoying. She has been complaining about royalties for years. I actually remember seeing her on one of those celebs news shows like Entertainment Tonight when I was in high school complaining about this mess and I saw her on TMZ right after Michael died standing outside at some club with her lawyer saying she was gonna get her check. Damn hasn't she got a clue yet? She won't be getting anything! Word is she has been unable to hold a job and been on drugs, so she comes back to the media every few years hoping to get money for Thriller. Somebody from the Jacksons might throw her a few sympathy dollars but other than that I agree Safari she is S.O.L.

  2. Ola Raye better start using that Oil of Olay and pray Hef has a heart as soft as his peen. He occasionally puts old heads in Playboy but only if they're fine.

  3. i could understand john landis possibly having a lawsuit, but ola ray? video chicks are just now getting wise to the game, so i highly doubt that back in the early 1980's ole girl asked about and was promised royalties from thriller. mj was one of the biggest celebs in the world, i'm sure she saw it as a springboard for her career and when it didn't blow up, but thriller did, she wanted more bread.
    frankly, if she had a case, she'd have won in court by now.

  4. For real. How do you come back 30 years later and ask for money? And I highly doubt Mike would have been dumb enough to break bread with this stripper from then on. She probably got like a couple thousand and he thought it was a done deal. Until she kept coming back over and over like roaches.