Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Jackson Died From Lethal Levels of Propofol-according to court documents

L.A. County coroner's officials found lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic propofol after examining Michael Jackson's body, according to a newly unsealed affidavit accompanying a search warrant unsealed today in Houston.

According to the search warrant, Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, told LAPD detectives that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. He had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol every night using an intravenous line, according to the court records.

But Murray told detectives that he feared Jackson was forming an addiction and began trying to wean the pop star off the drugs. He lowered the dosage to 25 milligrams and mixed it with two other sedatives, lorazepam and midazolam. On June 23, two days before Jackson's death, he administered those two medications and withheld the propofol.

On the morning Jackson died, Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, according to the affidavit. He said he gave Jackson valium at 1:30 a.m. When that didn't work, he said, he injected lorazepam intravenously at 2 a.m. At 3 a.m., when Jackson was still awake, Murray administered midazolam.

Over the next few hours, Murray said he gave Jackson various drugs. Then at 10:40 a.m., Murray administered 25 milligrams of propofol after Jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, according to the court record.

Although Murray acknowledged to police that he administered Profofol, authorities said they could find no evidence that he had purchased, ordered or obtained the medication under his medical license or DEA tracking number. However, police detectives saw about eight bottles of Propofol in the house along with other vials and pills that had been prescribed to Jackson by Dr. Murray, Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Allan Metzger.

Other drugs that were confiscated in the search included Valium, Tamsulosin, Lorazepam, Temazepam, Clonazepam, Trazodone and Tizanidine. They also found Propofol in Murray’s medical bag. Murray told detectives that he was not the first doctor to administer the powerful anesthetic to Jackson.

Murray has already acknowledged obtaining and administering propofol to Jackson the morning that he died. In an interview with police, Murray told them that he left Jackson alone under the influence of the medication to make telephone calls to his Houston office and family members.

When he returned, he discovered Jackson was not breathing. He performed CPR, and one of Jackson’s staff members called 911. The 50-year-old pop star was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center, where he was later declared dead. Much of the investigation has focused on propofol — a drug typically administered by anesthesiologists during surgery — and whether Murray’s decision to give it to Jackson as a sleep aid outside a hospital setting reaches a level of negligence required for an involuntary manslaughter charge.


  1. what kind of doctor would give THAT MANY sleeping medicines at one time?

  2. If this moron was really trying to "ween" Michael off of the drugs, he never would have assisted Michael with his addiction. What competent doctor would give their "patient" a potent sedative such as Propofol as a sleep aid? He KNEW better than this and despite Michael's demands or (more importantly to the doc) MONEY, he should have said NO and had Michael court ordered into rehab. This man is the most incompetent doctor I have ever heard of. Apparently, there was no one else willing to give Michael the drug he asked for but this idiot did. So busy looking at money and took his eyes off of the welfare of said patient. What a loser and what a loss we have endured because of him.

  3. He poisoned Michael's system and needs to go to jail. He killed Michael. Why did he have to be black?

  4. This doctor should be held accountable for his actions and so should the other enablers, such as Dr. Klein etc. They took a Hippocratic Oath, swearing to ethically practice medicine. All these individuals cared about was money and not the welfare and health of their patient, Michael Jackson. Even though others sat around like vultures and conveniently turned a blind eye, Micheal should have been able to rely on the sound medical advice of his physicians. They should have stood firmly behind their oath and walked away or took matters into their own hands and legally forced him into rehab.

    The world has become so desensitized to the plight of others, due to the almighty dollar. It is b/c of their choices to enable a man that was too ill to help himself, that we have lost a great humanitarian, musical genius and the greatest entertainer of all time. He was a father, a brother a son and loved all over the world. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

  5. ^^^^^Could not have said it better. Co sign 100%. This loss is something I may never get over either. It is not just the fact that Michael passed. That is a road we all must travel. It is the way Michael died that bothers me to no end. Greed is why those enablers chose to ignore the elephant in the room. What some people won't do. SMH

    I will miss this man forever.

  6. We have to give the man his due: Michael Jackson was - beyond a shadow of a doubt - a great artist whose recorded legacy will endure for decades, maybe even a century or more. But an examination of his life is riddled with questions of all that might have been; all that should have been. It is more than likely that this was a severely mentally ill human being who never sought the treatment he so desperately needed; surrounded by fawning sycophants who enabled his sickness by constantly reassuring him that he could do no wrong. As John Lennon once said in the same context about Elvis Presley, another victim of the excesses of fame: "It's always the courtiers that kill the king".

    The sad, inescapable truth is that for reasons we will probably never be able to fully understand, his talent and his career were ultimately wasted. Like Charlie Parker, Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland and Lenny Bruce before him, his brilliance as an artist would be overshadowed by severe, psychological torment and an unexplainable desire for self-destruction. Therein lies the real, unspeakable tragedy of Michael Jackson.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  7. I love u mj. u will live 4ever & u are a true ledgend. rip