Friday, August 28, 2009

This Not That

Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins

Comedian Sunda Croonquist, Husband Mark Zafrin and Ruth Zafrin

Kansas U.S. Rep Lynn Jenkins peoples are backtracking faster today than Jaime Foxx did when he told Miley Cyrus to "make a sex tape" the week before 'The Soloist' came out, after she made the comment that the Republican Party is looking for a "great white hope" to help stop the political agenda of the Democratic party and President Barack Obama. Jenkins said Thursday that was not a reference to someone who could challenge President Barack Obama's political agenda and she was unaware of the negative connotation to the phrase "great white hope." riiite.

In the other picture, The brown skinnded woman is veteran comic Sunda Croonquist. The white lady is Ruth Zafrin of Brooklyn, Sunra's mother-in-law. The man in the middle is Sunda's husband Mark Zafrin.

Ruth objects to being the butt of Sunda's jokes and has sued to get the last laugh. She claims her son's wife, has spread defamatory and racist lies about her with the "Take my mother-in-law, please!" jokes that are a staple of her routine.

Croonquist from Paterson, NJ has made the remarks in shows on Comedy Central, and has posted bits on her Web site and blog, according to papers filed in Monmouth, NJ, federal court.
Furious at being Croonquist's perpetual punch lines, she seeks unspecified damages and wants the court to make the comedian remove offensive statements from her Web site, routines and recordings. For example, Croonquist tells a story about when she met her mother-in-law for the first time and found out she was from Paterson, she could be overheard whispering to someone to hide her pocketbook.

Croonquist -- who is being represented by a staff of three from her husband's New York law firm -- has said she will drop offensive language, but won't pay a settlement. She also claims that her in-law and family jokes are not mean-spirited, but, rather, natural laugh-getters -- particularly because she comes from a diverse background. Croonquist is half-Swedish and half-black, has a Hindu first name and grew up Roman Catholic. She converted to Judaism when she married real-estate lawyer Mark Zafrin, and keeps a kosher house. They have two daughters.

Now which incident would you consider racist?


  1. that senator knows she meant that racist shit. its to late to back track now

  2. She is old enough to know what a Great White Hope is. I think she meant it exactly the way it sounded.

  3. if she didn't know what it meant, then she must have invented the phrase