Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Debbie Rowe is skipping the memorial and threatening the paparazzi

"Although Debbie had originally planned to attend tomorrow's Staples Center memorial service, we have concluded with Debbie that she will not be attending," her rep said in a statement. "The onslaught of media attention has made it clear her attendance would be an unnecessary distraction to an event that should focus exclusively on Michael's legacy. Debbie will continue to celebrate Michael's memory privately"

On Sunday, Rowe yelled at the paparazzi outside a Chinese restaurant near her house, "Are you ready to get your butt kicked? Don't f***ing touch me."

She might be able to take out one or two photographers with her husky self, but she's no match for 18,000 angry fans who blame her for trying to take Michael's money and children she never wanted.


  1. Debbie didn't want to get her fat ass kicked is all

  2. She had no place there. She never loved Michael.