Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Murray loses license

The California Attorney General Jerry Brown has succeeded in his request to have the court suspend Conrad Murray's medical license in his state. The AG's office filed a motion on behalf of the California Medical Board on February 8th calling Murray's conduct during and after Michael's death, "reprehensible" "so egregious as to shock the conscious." The motion also stated that Murray "took the life of his patient" and "showed utter disregard for the care and well-being of his patient" and that his actions "make him a danger to the public." This is what Michael's fans and Murray's medical colleagues have maintained all along. Virtually every doctor and nurse anesthetist practicing in the U.S. today knows that the standard of care was not met in this case; they want to distance themselves from his apparent negligence.

For his part, Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, entered a plea of not guilty and denies any wrongdoing on behalf of his client. Chernoff told the AP the filed motion was unnecessary and could have a significant negative impact on Murray's abilityto practice medicine and earn a living. Well good then!

Edit: Apparently, his license was not suspended. This is unfortunate, as I believe he did not deliver the standard of care and refuses to admit his wrongdoing in Michael's death.

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  1. He should lose his freedom as well......indefinitely.

    He is not the only one involved though. I want them all to pay!