Friday, February 19, 2010

Priscilla Presley spoke about Michael Jackson on Larry King Live

Priscilla Presley, mother of Michael Jackson's first ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, made an appearance on Larry King Live last night. King asked her if Michael's death hit her particularly hard. Instead of speaking about how it affected her, she deflected the issue onto Lisa, saying:

KING: Did the Michael Jackson--that whole thing hit you hard?

PRESLEY: I know it hit Lisa very hard.

KING: It did?

PRESLEY: It did. It hit her very hard.

KING: They remained friends?

PRESLEY: Yes, they did. They remained friends.

It is interesting to note she claims they remained friends; according to Lisa Marie's own blog post after Michael's passing, they had not seen or spoken to one another in years. Insiders say Michael broke contact with her for good following a scathing appearance by Priscilla and Lisa Marie on Oprah and numerous other unflattering interviews given by Lisa in the years after their breakup.


  1. I think I recall the time Lisa was on Oprah and made that "Holy Mother of God" comment after Orca kept asking her what was she thinking after her marriage to Michael was over. I guess Orca got the response she wanted and now Lisa is just sorry.

  2. Lisa also said that Mike called her before he died and she never called him back. that's whay she was a train wreck at the funeral.

  3. I don't know whether or not to believe her about that phone call she lies so damn much!

  4. ^^^^Co sign! As mentioned above, after her appearance on Oprah I doubt if Michael really had anything to do with her after that. Yet another dagger in his back.

  5. Some people want to believe he still loved her. Maybe he still had some love for her but I doubt he was IN love with her or they would have been together don't you think? Michael was no dummy. He kicked her to the curb as soon as she showed her true colors. He was just too nice to completely ignore the witch.

  6. Considering Priscilla's known dislike of both Michael and his relationship with her daughter, I was very surprised to hear her make those comments. She sounded and looked like she sucked a lemmon as she did it- making me believe the statement. I believe it would have been much more to her liking to just say, no, they were distant.
    I hope Michael and Lisa were able to somehow make ammends and heal their wounds. If they did, I also hope that they learned from their past and kept the relationship where it belonged- private.
    We are outsiders to this very complicated relationship that spanned many years. What we know, or believe to know, probably does not even scratch the surface.
    Bye they way...I had to laugh so hard at the pictures chosen for this entry. VERY flattering! :)

  7. Mike said in an interview that he still cared for her and that she was a good person, because when they divorced she didn't try to get him for his money.

  8. He was very happy with her not wanting anything from him like everyone else in life. Priscilla looks like she is wearing a mask. Enough botox!!! Lisa looks like she just woke up. Damn!!!