Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exclusive: Police are quietly building a case against the Woods

Planet Jackson Worldwide News has learned exclusively from inside sources that complaints against Tiger Woods and his wife came from officers responding to the scene of the crash. According to our source, when officers finally questioned Woods and his wife, Elin, their stories did not match up and Nordegren changed her story about the sequence of events repeatedly. This raised suspicions of domestic abuse prompting a call to Child Protective Services.

According to our source, outside investigators were brought in from surrounding counties to avoid a conflict of interest and the investigation is ongoing. The Woods' planned departure to a secluded island in Sweden will not preclude their obligation to co-operate with the investigation into the welfare of the children.

Contrary to published reports in the mainstream media, the police are not buying Tiger's story about what happened and he is going to have to answer for more than his infidelity. Woods remains holed up on his massive yacht moored off the shores of North Palm Beach, Florida. The yacht is ironically names, "Privacy."


  1. I wrote this at 3:30am. Sorry, I left out the "exclusive" tidbit. According to our source, investigators have definitive proof the incident began with physical violence inside the home, initiated by Woods' wife, Elin. The altercation spilled outside with Tiger running barefoot for his life and concluded with the crash. Additionally, according to the source, evidence points to the windows being smashed BEFORE Woods crashed his vehicle.

  2. so his yacht is called Privacy huh. Good luck getting any.