Monday, December 14, 2009

Chat about "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" Premiere

"The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" reality tv show premiered last night on A & E. I did a live chat with a few people. Here is an excerpt of my comments on the show:

The show began with all 4 brothers (Randy refuses to participate) talking about their family and the show. It opened with Michael's singing in the Jackson 5, so I already had a tear in my eye. They showed a lot of old pictures of them when they were children. They were all very handsome boys!

The show quickly devolved into a bit of showboating. Jermaine wanted to address jealousy issues. In doing so he made a remark about Michael's success being due to the Jackson 5 so how could they be jealous of him? He spoke as if there were no Jackson 5 there would have been no Michael. I just sucked my teeth at the tv. MJ's success was because of MJ. Yes, he started out with his brothers, but it was apparent from DAY 1 he was the star of the show. He went on to be a supernova.

"I am so anxious about them showing the golden casket. I don't think I can take it."

"Tito's sons are cute! That next generation is really going to get a leg up by being on this show. I know T3 is already big in Europe thanks to Michael's help and guidance, but they are largely unknown in the States. I hope that changes for them, if that's what they want."

"Jermaine is trying to take over and make decisions for the group, but I don't think Jermaine is the leader here. He wants to be, but didn't you catch that little blurb where one of the brothers said Jermaine would sing all the parts if they let him? They are aware of his ego and are finally straining against it. "It's time for some new Jackson blood. It's time for Tito."" It's funny to hear them talking smack about standing up to Jackie now. He's STILL the father figure.

Tito got frustrated trying to produce their album. He told them, "you guys sound like the Supremes instead of the Jacksons" to which one of them replied, "Tito is a pain in the a$$." the brothers did NOT work well in the studio. I think Michael really got frustrated with them and their work ethic, that's why he stopped performing with them. These negroes actually ERASED a song in the studio after a day of recording! Isn't it amazing how Michael almost didn't even get a chance to be in the group? What a shame they didn't have more confidence in LaToya and Rebbie. Rebbie can really SING and LaToya isn't bad herself. Of course, Janet eventually became a star, but they really poo pooed her talent for a long time.

Of course we all knew they would have plenty of footage of Jermaine emoting, praying, and talking with mama.

Two of the brothers went back to Gary, Indiana to try and get their mojo back. The town was very welcoming. They showed footage of their old family home which now stands empty as a memorial. I would like to see them build a proper memorial in Gary for Michael, since Neverland doesn't seem to be an option. I'll write about my frustrations with Neverland another time.

Tito wasn't the only one getting frustrated with the brothers. One of the nephews, Siggy just cussed out his uncles. How disrespectful. Joe would have had that a$$ on the ground before that spit finished flying out of his mouth. Jermaine cried a few more times. He really seemed kind of whiny this show. I found myself askinf if there was even water coming out of his eyes? Jermaine stop whining. The brothers did what was best for the group when they left Motown. Jermaine was being selfish wanting them to stay with Motown when Berry wouldn't let them have any creative control. The brothers had a touching moment when they tried to make him feel better. the revealed Michael cried many times before going on stage because Jermaine wasn't there with them. He was so sensitive and kindhearted.

I began to cry when Jackie started crying. This was my favorite quote from the entire show: Jackie spoke about being a pallbearer for Michael, "If I had to carry him for 100 miles, I would do it." I got angry when Marlon said, "I don't think people would ever understand the loss of a brother as opposed to losing a pop star"
I disagree. Many people have lost siblings and loved ones and know just how much it hurt. I guess it never occurred to him that some of us may even love him MORE. We don't have all the baggage, all the rivalry. The way he touched my life....
I like what Jermaine said, "I really don't think this Earth was ready for him..."
Jackie: "I'm not afraid of dying now.."

The brothers revealed they have been bullied into going ahead with a planned series of concerts before they are emotionally ready to move on from Michael's death. How can he tell you when you're done mourning? Not only are they not ready emotionally, their singing and dancing isn't up to par. They need more than 2 months to get ready...try 2 years! Even their attorney Virgil and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis told them things won't be the same without Michael. "Your brother was the biggest star in the world...", said Virgil. Terry Lewis told them,"the only problem we have now is we don't have Michael as part of the sound. It was the Jackson 5 not the Jackson 4." Right on. Who do they think is going to sing all Michael's parts? Jermaine? (I'm sure that's what he's thinking.) It just feels so empty without MJ.
Interesting they are going to JJ and TL to produce them. Those 2 chose to work with Michael back in the day over Jermaine and he was pissed about it. They also made a huge star out of Janet. Why don't the bros get some advice from Janet?

There were some other good moments in the show, such as the black eye/pink eye segment. You'll have to watch to know what I mean. All in all, it was a good 2 hours. Jackson Family Values airs Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern on A&E.


  1. See that's why I LOVE this blog !! It actually turned out better than I thought. Siggy was a trip! You didn't mention where Jermadness wife said he was the "headliner" for the tribute concert that never was. He hasn't been a headliner since Reagan was president.

  2. Jeraisin feels now is his time to shine. The man is just sad.....sad and greasy. It will never be all about you Jeraisin. Never.

  3. Have no interest in watching the show. Miss Michael enough as it is and seeing this will only make my longing for him worse.

    Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson. You left us far too soon. Should not have happened.

  4. I found it funny when they were talking about the Jackson 5 sound. Lets face it, MJ is the Jackson Five. I would cringe when his brothers got to sing a verse or a few words.

    If MJ didn't have any brothers I don't see how that would hinder him.

    The song they recorded on the show was cool though. Like a Curtis Mayfield song.