Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michael May Never Be Buried

Michael Jackson's burial has been postponed from what would have been Michael's 51st birthday, August 29th, until September 3rd. The Jackson family plans to lay him to rest in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn-Glendale Cemetery in Los Angeles; the mausoleum boasts a stained glass replica of Leonaro DaVinci's The Last Supper and replicas of Michelangelo statues. A Jackson spokesperson gave no explanation for the delay.

Personally, I think Katherine should have given more thought to having Michael interred at Neverland Ranch both for security reasons and for future benefit of the estate; turning Neverland into a nouveau Graceland would provide a steady stream of revenue for the trust. It would also give Michael's fans a place to focus their grief and congregate in celebration, and it would rehabilitate the image of the estate itself, effectively erasing most of the negative associations of the property and the salatious allegations swirling around it.


  1. Katherine needs to just let this man go. Poor Michael. His family is just pulling off the bandaid slowly.

  2. i agree with you safari, neverland ranch would have been the best place. but from what i hear, many of the neighbors were raising hell about it (they didn't want the continuous traffic, fans, and noise in their neighborhood) and the higher ups at city hall didn't want to give a burial permit to lay him there. frankly, i don't want them to bury him at forest lawn.
    i'd even prefer if they built him a huge muesum and let him rest there. or even take him to bury at his old home in gary, indiana. i bet the mayor there would have no problem granting them a burial permit. but at forest lawn with everybody else? mj deserves so much more.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm not trying to sound insensitive but how are the millions of MJ fans supposed to pay there repects? They deserve that chance in my opinion. Remember if there were no fans there would be no millions.
    Neverland makes perfect sense to me. The revenue it could bring in and it is really a serene place to see.

  4. Neverland is out of the way. The neighbors would get used to it if they saw all the tax dollars and tourist revenue it would bring. Forest Lawn is too crowded and Michael deserves a burial fit for a King. Even Gary would be better. And WTF at him being in someone else's crypt all this time? Has Katherine lost her mind? She is 79. Maybe she is going senile.

  5. I am with him being buried at Neverland, but due to the scandals that hurt him deeply, Michael said he never wanted to return to Neverland. He stayed in a rented home until he found a place he really wanted for him and the children. I don't know if I would bury him there considering he never wanted to go back.

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