Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Murray's lawyer Chernoff on Good Morning America April 5, 2010

Conrad Murray's lawyer (I have long since stopped calling him "Dr."), Ed Chernoff made an appearance on Good Morning America this morning to discuss the case. Chernoff offered little of substance and, instead, relied on innuendo and supposition to cast doubt on the guilt of his client while simultanously placing blame upon the victim--a victim who is not here to defend himself and cannot tell his side (the truth) of what happened.

Chernoff said the LAPD botched the investigation and seeded the theory Michael self-injected the fatal dose of propofol. Chernoff admitted the trial has his client on the ropes and asserted they will fight to the death because it is now Murray against Michael, and Murray would do whatever he had to do to get out of this, including exposing Michael. He said he "didn't know what Michael was doing....Dr. Murray has no desire to portray Michael Jackson as anything as other than a saint...but..the facts have to come out..." which I take to mean, they will smear Michael to poison the public and to taint the jury pool as long as it might save Murray's hide. I find this entire defense approach sleazy and despicable.

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  1. Once again, Michael is being demeaned and exploited. Even in death, his name is scandalized. SMH Murder Murray should burn in hell.